The dining area is an integral part of any home. However, designing a luxurious dining table that is still spacious is really a difficult problem for homeowners. What type of dining table shows both the nobility and enough room to hold family parties? Let's refer to the dining table designs below with MOIVAONHATOI.

Luxury dining table design with emerald green accents

Elegant dining table design

The first is a large dining table that can accommodate up to 12 people. This dining area uses emerald green and metallic accents to create a chic accent. The slim legs of the chair are gilded to make the space less heavy. Blue creates contrast and stands out from the neutral background.

emerald green dining chair
modern kitchen construction

In order for the space not to be boring, the two ends of the table are placed with two gray chairs opposite each other to create a color division. On the ceiling is a chandelier that is specially designed in metallic colors to help the dining table approach luxury and elegance.

Elegant dining table design

The wall on the left is decorated with lots of mirrors that help reflect light. At the same time, these mirrors make the space appear larger and more airy.

emerald green dining chair

Behind each chair is a typical oriental door handle symbol. The image of a lion gives the space some power and class.

Luxury dining table design with red-brown lounge chair

Elegant dining table design

Still a design with a neutral color as the main color. However, in this design, the red-brown chairs are the highlight for the space. All chairs are the same in color and shape, creating a circular connection.

red brown dining table chair

This dining area is framed in a rectangular border of black marble. Underneath the legs is a gray carpet to help the furniture above stand out more.

Elegant dining table design

The luxury dining room designs will mostly use white marble, so the entire table top, cabinets and floor are glossy. This stone helps to reflect the light from the lamp and make the space brighter.

Design aristocratic dining table

luxury dining room

Inspired by lavish and noble aristocratic parties. This design is meticulously cared for in every detail. The seats are upholstered in high-quality felt with sophisticated seashell motifs. The gentle combination of blue and brown helps the space regain balance.

Elegant dining table design

A piece of modern art offers peaceful blue accents. In addition, the whimsical puppet chandelier makes this area more fun and interesting.

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Designing a luxury dining area is not just about a chair or a table. It also requires sophistication and meticulousness in the design process. If you have a need for housing design and construction, please contact MOIVAONHATI immediately.

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