Duplex apartments are apartments that require a large area of space and furnished with sophisticated interior equipment to bring a lifestyle to suit the needs of everyone. Today, we invite you to read about a sample of 2-storey apartment with two balconies and open design.

Living room with storage shelves and large beautiful glass doors - duplex apartment design

The design of the duplex apartment highlights that the living room has a large storage rack, the entire furniture is neatly arranged, the upper compartments are mainly for storing books and magazines to help decorate. living space adds to the knowledge and science.

The balcony area on the first floor has a beautiful white table and chairs and eco-wooden flooring

The balcony on the first floor is simply designed with eco wooden floors that can air clothes and exercise here every morning to breathe the fresh air of the new day.

Open design stairs with spiral structure - duplex apartment design

Because it is a 2-storey apartment, the staircase is designed with an open spiral structure and a grab bar to highlight the apartment.

Beautiful kitchen and simple dining set

The kitchen is set up with a simple dining table above with a drop light to ensure brightness, and a picture on the top.

Cooking area with oven hood and induction cooker, dishwasher and high quality stainless steel sink - duplex apartment design

The cooking area is equipped with a lot of modern appliances such as microwave, dishwasher, induction cooker, blender, two sink sink, especially equipped with a deodorizer to help the kitchen space open. more after use.

The bedroom has a nice gray bed and desk - duplex apartment design

The extra bedroom uses gray-white mattress pad in the same color as the table set work and pictures on the wall to help synchronize objects as well as bring simplicity to the room.

The master bedroom has a white and gray mattress and a large glass door - duplex apartment design

The main bedroom of the 2-storey apartment is equipped with a large bed and white mattress underneath is a carpet. Outside is a second-floor balcony, so instead of building walls, homeowners install glass doors to provide an open space for the bedroom that anyone looking at will want to own this room.

Toilets in main bedroom - 2-floor apartment

Of course duplex apartment design is indispensable master room toilet, with many Sanitary equipment Modern as bathtub, shower, toilet, washbasin and touch glass are very modern and luxurious.

The 2nd floor balcony has a beautiful gray sofa set and eco-wooden floor - 2-storey apartment

Outside the second floor balcony, there is a set of charcoal purple sofa and a small table with a few green plants arranged reasonably, along with the entire wooden floor that brings a natural feeling to the outdoors.

The other corner of the balcony has lazy chairs and a nice tea table - 2-storey apartment

Imagine being able to sit here and sip a cup every afternoon cafe It is also enough to dispel all fatigue after a long working day.

The shared toilet of the apartment has nice brick walls - a 2-storey apartment

The apartment's shared toilet uses an earthy orange color that is a bit classic. The floor uses non-slip ceramic tiles that are very comfortable.

The outstanding common sanitary ware is the luxurious shower glass wall - 2-storey apartment

And although it is general hygiene, it is still fully equipped with luxurious and modern sanitary equipment with glass shower walls to help prevent water splashing out as well as keeping the bathroom hot steam in the winter.

View from 2nd floor down

Above is a duplex apartment design with two bedrooms and a large balcony area.
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