Small apartment design Simple interior layout to make the space airy, spacious and bright is a typical interior design trend today. The apartment below is also a small apartment with an area of 60m2 suitable for a young couple

The living room has a tea table and shelves and beautiful gray sofa set - small apartment design

Living room is used 2 main colors are brown and white wood. The special thing of the room is the interior decoration such as tea table, bookcase, dining table and flooring made of high-class wood material to make the small apartment more luxurious, featuring a simple white wall.

The main kitchen with white tones has a hood and a modern oven - small apartment design

The kitchen uses white tones as the main theme, a rather bold choice but it makes the kitchen more luxurious. Still in use kitchen design familiar L-letter to create a wider space.

The cooking appliances are neatly arranged thanks to the beautiful industrial wood cabinets - small apartment design

Walls and kitchen surfaces are used high-end stone tiles to enhance the beauty of the kitchen space while also helping to clean the kitchen more clean for white tones.


The bedroom has a large bed and gray curtain set

The design of the apartment is small, but the bedroom is quite large and has a balcony that adds comfort to direct light into the room. Still keeping the Nordic style, the bedroom uses white as the main color, the design is quite simple and gentle. Using white glass doors in the same tone as the walls will create depth for the room.

Outside the balcony of the bedroom is a simple and beautiful lazy table and chairs - small apartment design

The simple balcony design with a set of marble tea tables combined with small flower pots is being applied by many families, both airy but equally luxurious, enough to comfortably relax after tired working sessions.

Nice bedroom for the baby

A sample of a small apartment with your baby's bedroom for your reference. Not too much color but still warm enough for children to have fun. There is a window design for the room to catch enough light and ventilation for the baby.

Toilets use white cardboard tiles - small apartment design

Design of a small apartment with a neat, simple bathroom, using high-class white tiles to help the space open and cleaner. Due to the small area, the shower stand design is more comfortable and spacious.

The main corridor of the apartment - designed small apartment

In general, the design of a familiar white cardboard apartment with simple furniture layout is quite suitable for apartments with a limited area, luxurious and extremely modern to create depth. and wide for the house.

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