• Project: Apartment A2 Vinhomes Gardenia
  • Design unit: Please Come In My House
  • Style: Youthful, comfortable

Apartment design is also gradually becoming more popular in the development era. Not only greatly contribute to increase aesthetics and functionality, but also help overcome the weaknesses of apartments, especially in terms of rough structure and division of living space.

Below is the design project of A2 . apartment Vinhomes Gardenia Drawn by the team of architects of MOIVAONHATOI, let's explore!

The large room is divided into 6 different spaces: living room - kitchen, master bedroom, child bedroom, closet room, work room, 2 private bathrooms are very convenient and spacious without becoming secretive.

design living room - kitchen

The style architect The choice is a youthful and dynamic style, so it is necessary to get rid of cumbersome decorations, thereby emphasizing functionality and especially comfort for the owner.

The room is flooded with sunlight and is arranged in a very reasonable manner. Ash gray long sofa and small tea table to save space. Design additional decorative items around such as unique ceiling lights with small branches to bring eye-catching and relaxing. The arrangement of white wooden cabinets on the ceiling and black cabinets under the TV with two contrasting colors is a unique point for the front of the living room.

Design minimalist apartment với đồ nội thất nhỏ gọn nhưng vô cùng hiện đại, giúp cho không gian này thoáng đãng hơn rất nhiều. Sử dụng tận dụng không gian rộng rãi vừa làm phòng khacsg, vừa làm kitchen ăn mang đến sự tiện lợi hơn cho gia chủ.

The kitchen with bright colors as the main tone to expand the space and add life to the kitchen. The highlight here is the bricks with different colors: white, beige, gray arranged staggered to bring a unique beauty to this kitchen space.

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bedroom design

master bedroom

Next is tModern bedroom interior designi using light tones as the main color helps the space become fresh and youthful. Natural light is still a factor used by architects to bring excitement and vitality to the room.

Besides, using a white wooden wardrobe, a compact bedside shelf also helps to increase ventilation and create a more spacious feeling for the bedroom space.

baby bedroom

Choose gentle tones, see a little mischievous like pink, blue, simple furniture to help the room not be secret but children can also unleash creativity and play in their own room.

Children's rooms are not like adults' rooms, it is necessary to ensure the right interests, age and satisfy their own rules to create an interesting space for the baby. Therefore, the simple design and adding details to make the room more eye-catching such as wall art, textured carpets, etc. also enhance the beauty of the room.

designer working room

This is a place to work, to unleash creativity, so the choice of furniture is not cumbersome. Using wooden tables, working chairs, and cabinets placed around to easily store important documents is essential.

Scientific but equally aesthetic working corner. Neat and minimalistic design of cumbersome furniture, focusing only on the main interior will help homeowners get a certain focus at work. Decorating more wall art photos, bonsai also helps homeowners have more creative ideas, and at the same time beautify this space.

clothing storage room design

The remaining small space of the house will be used as a storage room. This will be equipped with the most minimalist interior such as long shelves separated from each other so that homeowners can easily hang their clothes hangers, and also help save space to have as many items as possible.

bathroom design

This is the most relaxing place in the house. With a special design using modern patterns, you can immerse yourself in the space here. Convenient, diverse design without taking up too much space will help you easily operate here. Install more mirror shelves, etc. to store your personal items. Use stone construction materials, especially light colors to create a more beautiful and airy bathroom space.

The highlight of these two rooms are beautiful zigzag tiles, but each room has its own difference with a new design. This bathroom model is quite popular because of its high applicability, and the layout is also very modern and new, which will create excitement for each customer.

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