The apartment has an area of over 160m2, allowing a space to be clearly divided into many areas. The apartment has a master bedroom full of style and personality. Uniquely decorated and interesting to attract attention with interesting layout. Use a variety of built-in cabinets with sleek, streamlined lines. In addition, a professional home office is also designed. Let's explore this modern apartment with MOIVAONHATOI.

Design living room - kitchen and home office

Designing the living room

home office design

The living room is designed according to Nordic style simple but elegant. TV shelf with granite Gray accents the delicate white wall. At the ceiling side are added downlights to help highlight the wall when needed. On the left is a tall bonsai that adds green color to the neutral color space.

living room design

A soft fur-upholstered lounge chair balances out to the right. The glossy metallic round coffee table is in the center position. To make the space more connected, a woven wool rug is spread underneath to create a uniformity.

beautiful living room design

When entering the living room space, you will immediately see office modern work from home behind sofa. A large elegant gray-brown sofa is paired with a slender Sampei floor lamp.

Kitchen area design

home office design

The kitchen area is designed to connect with the living room to create an openness for the space. These two areas are separated from each other by floor material. The reception space uses dark brown wooden floors arranged in the shape of herringbone. The kitchen is elegant gray veined granite.

modern kitchen design
luxury kitchen design

The kitchen is also designed with two opposing colors to create accents for the space. The kitchen island is used in a powerful jet black color, while the dining table uses a white marble table and zebra patterned chairs.

luxury kitchen design

On the side of the wash basin is decorated with a beautiful satin yellow dried flower vase.

luxury kitchen design

To make the space more artistic, the owner has designed a terrarium for his cactus. Underneath the pedestal is a system of LED lights that can change the lighting system flexibly.

Design a home office

home office design

The focal point of this apartment space is the glass-walled office. This room is designed in a luxurious and modern style. The rounded furniture creates a softer, softer feel.

home office design

The desk has a unique semicircular design. The table top is cut in the familiar race track shape. The table is not too big and simple, meeting the needs of the working person.

home office design

The soft beige felt upholstered chair makes the working process more efficient.

home office design

Unlike other home offices with massive bookcases. This office is installed with an open shelf displaying decorative objects and a few books. Bookshelves made of shiny golden metal make the space more luxurious.

Luxury bedroom design

Modern bedroom design
Modern bedroom design

Inside the master bedroom is a black bed and two unique nightstands. A long, felt-upholstered headboard with a red button-down motif.

Modern bedroom design

Opposite the bed is an elegant console table layered with white marble. On the wall is a typical decorative shelf of Bohemian style.

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Above is a sample modern apartment design with a luxurious home office. If you have a need for interior design and construction, please contact MOIVAONHATOI immediately.

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