Construction: Project on emergency landslide treatment on the right side of Ma river, section K39 + 350 - K40 + 742 - Thanh Hoa

Total length: 1025 m

Acreage: 41986 m2

— 2009 —


Moivaonhatoi would like to introduce a project that the company was honored to have the opportunity to design, with historical significance, that is "The emergency project of dealing with landslide on the right side of Ma river, section from K39 + 350 - K40 + 742 (In the article called Ham Rong Project for short)

Work completed: Preliminary design and preparation of investment project.

Current status area (right side of image):

park design

This project is a mature step of Moivaonhatoi, when the design has satisfied investors, irrigation consultants, and directly defended successfully the chairman of Thanh Hoa province, Thanh Department of Construction. Hoa, Departments of Planning, Investment, Environment and Culture ... was met directly with the provincial president and approved his plan!

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A / Necessity of investment

Over the years, irrigation works and embankments have been built and strongly developed to meet the city's development needs. Along with that development, human needs not only stop at ensuring irrigation security, but also develop to a higher level, which is the demand for aesthetics. One of the typical examples is the capital of Hanoi, with a breakwater wall on Au Co Street, which is a hard concrete wall renovated into a "Ceramic Road" to celebrate the 1000 year Thang Long great festival. .

Photo of ceramic road project - Au Co - Hanoi road:

Located at the role of the gateway to Thanh Hoa, the project "Handling emergency landslides on the right of the Ma River, the section from K39 + 350 - K40 + 742" not only needs to meet the requirements for irrigation, room flood and storm protection, but also must meet the requirements of Landscape Architecture. A welcoming face, the northern gateway of Thanh Hoa city.

VN map with Thanh Hoa is the center of traffic:

On the map of Vietnam, Thanh Hoa has a central role, bridging the arterial traffic 2 parts South - North Vietnam. In particular, the most important position is Ham Rong Bridge and Hoang Long Bridge. This is the key position, the gateway of traffic (National Highway 1A), where almost all vehicles going to the South - North must go through in general, as well as the gateway of all vehicles from Northern provinces to Thanh Hoa in particular.

Satellite image of the land - Distance from surrounding areas:

Not only that, the project is also located on a land with a great cultural and historical tradition of the country, of Thanh Hoa city, which is Ham Rong Bridge. Implementation of the project is an urgent and practical demand to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Ham Rong victory (April 3-4 - 1965 - April 3-4, 2010) - one of the resounding victories of the army and the people. Thanh Hoa province during the resistance war against the US to save the nation.

The project brings benefits to businesses, contributes to improving the landscape, creating a good living environment, creating a synchronous urban landscape fund to serve the common needs and interests of the society, while enriching the budget. City policies through promoting and promoting tourism investment in Thanh Hoa province.

B / Explanation of plan:

1- Photos of the status of the land:

This is a picture of the current status of the land, this is the front gate of Thanh Hoa city, but it has not been used for the right purpose. Currently, this place is both a landfill for construction materials, a port for coal ships, and many abandoned areas. With a beautiful landscape location but the people have not used it for fun, tourist activities ... Therefore, the "Dyke River Ma ..." project, especially the Landscape Design Category, is the proper policy of the province. .

And after renovating the landscape (photo taken when finishing 85%):

park design

2 - Geographical location of landscape design area:

park design

On the map of Vietnam, Thanh Hoa has a central role, bridging the arterial traffic 2 parts South - North Vietnam. In particular, the most important position is Ham Rong Bridge and Hoang Long Bridge. This is the key position, the gateway of traffic (National Highway 1A), where almost all vehicles going to the South - North must go through in general, as well as the gateway of all vehicles from Northern provinces to Thanh Hoa in particular.

About the landscape: The project is quite convenient due to direct access, merging with the surrounding landscape, which is the relic of Nui Ngoc, Ham Rong Bridge, Ma River.

For residents - factors affecting the usability of the building. Works quite close to the surrounding residential areas. Residential area across the Hoang Long Bridge: 1Km, The nearest residential area of Thanh Hoa city: 3Km, and 5Km from the City Center. Compared to the actual examples of a developing city of Hanoi, it's easy to see that this 5Km distance is only commensurate with the distance from Hanoi University of Technology to Thanh Nien Road (West Lake). Hanoi, or from Giap Bat Bus Station to Chuong Duong Bridge - Hanoi. Therefore, with the development in the next few years, the project will become a central flower garden, used by people (as well as visitors). 

For Industrial Zones: The South of the work is quite close to the industrial zones. Therefore, the building plays a landscape role, shielding these industrial parks aesthetically, in terms of noise, dust, and emissions.

3 - Analyze the current situation:

park design

Access to the facility is very convenient, including waterways and roads, and is also a welcoming landscape for railroads.

The south of the work is a large route running along. The North is a river route, convenient for the use of tourist boats.

At such transport focal points, projects are always of important nature. This is the most favorable condition for all architectural works. Garden landscape design

The land has 2 main attractions. It is an elevated area, near the foot of Ham Rong Bridge, and the bulge of the strip. These two points can be seen clearly from the traffic directions: from the two bridges going into the City, from the road surrounding the site south.

And through the above analysis, Moivaonhatoi chose two main highlights of the project, one is at the foot of Ham Rong Bridge, the other is in the middle of the land.

4 - The reference landscape design works to draw the design perspective of the park:

park design

After reference Domestic and foreign, there are many constructions with area and nature similar to the land of the Project. See how they did it? let me learn, thereby drawing out my design plan. And below is the outline of 2 options:

5 - Design plan for park 01 (Comparative plan):

park design

Option 1: Ham Rong cultural and historical park.

In this plan, the building is both a playground, a promenade, and spaces for exhibiting historical artifacts. The main highlight of the work is the Ham Rong Monument at the foot of Ham Rong Bridge and the Square in the middle of the land - symbolizing victory and national independence.

Along the walking routes, many artifacts are arranged.

From Ham Rong Monument to the Square, exhibiting war artifacts.

Square symbolizes victory, is independence, is glory. Garden landscape design

From the Square to the pier (most of the land), displays artifacts representing the achievements after independence ...

From the pier is the focal point of technical infrastructure.

6 - Design plan for park 02 (Option):

Ham Rong Park, a tourist destination, is a place for strolling, exercising, organizing exhibitions and playing outdoors.

Due to the general planning, related to tourism projects around the land, built by the economy, the investment orientation of the Province, Option 2 was chosen.

7 - The details refer to landscape architecture design:

The images illustrate the details used in the plan.

8 - After selecting an option, go into the details of the option:

Option 2 is selected, going into detailed design. And if this drawing is enlarged, you can clearly see every stone chair, tree basin, railing, light pole ...

At the point 1: Ham Rong bridge foot: is the Reception Area. This area has properties like restaurant, refreshments, selling souvenirs, serving tourists to relax after a long journey. Tourists of the Land as well as neighboring tourist areas (Nui Ngoc, Ham Rong Bridge ...) or tourists passing through Thanh Hoa province want to stop and continue without entering the City.

At the second highlight: Square, where the center of entertainment, outdoor activities of the land. The venue for events. The soft bend roads are suitable for the conditions of the riverside location, and are oriented towards the Square.

Landscape design of the Ma river park after construction:

9 - Study of night lighting:

For buildings near the water surface, the study of night lighting is absolutely necessary. At that time, the water surface acted as a mirror that reflected the most beautiful things that the designer had to offer.

Just like when you think of Hoan Kiem Lake, 80% you will think of the Turtle Tower image with sparkling light at night, reflected on the water. 20% is just thinking of the image of the Turtle Tower during the day. This shows the great importance of lighting design to Ham Rong Project, a strip of land stretching along the Ma River.

10 - Square Perspective - 3D blueprint:

From this perspective, you will see the Central Square, the Square with a radius of 23m, with a flower-shaped design. A place to have fun and organize outdoor events.

11 - Perspective of reception area:

The beauty of the building is adorned by the space of the Ma River, and in harmony with the overall scenery.

Landscape area after completion:

From the view of Hoang Long Bridge to the park, the park has just been designed:

Ham Rong flower garden at night:

park design

Located at the gateway position, is the scenery that any visitor to Thanh Hoa, passing Hoang Long Bridge will see first. Therefore, the work has a great significance and is the pride of architects.moivaonhatoi

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