The kitchen space always requires us to be very creative to make the most of every nook and cranny. At the same time, it also ensures that the devices will be arranged to meet individual needs. If your home has the advantage of length but limited width, then the I-shaped kitchen is the right choice for you. In this post, MOIVAONHATOI presents you with some suitable kitchen designs.

I-shaped kitchen design

Built-in kitchen design is the ideal solution for small spaces. This design only makes a row of kitchen cabinets below to store utensils, and above is a long open shelf for decoration and hooks. The cabinets below are made from wood to help the space become more elegant and light.

wooden kitchen cabinet design

I-shaped kitchens often try to make the most of the space, so the cabinets are divided quite small. Part of the cabinet is designed in white with the wall to have a more open look in the space. The kitchen wall is clad with patterned tiles and improvised arrangement to create its own impression.

I-shaped kitchen design

Tạo ra một kitchen độc đáo với sự kết hợp của các gam màu sắc đối lập. Hãy sử dụng màu trắng làm nền để tôn lên tất cả những màu sắc còn lại nhé. Dãy tủ bếp bên dưới được sơn màu xanh và điểm nhấn là lò nướng màu đỏ. Tủ lạnh và hai kệ thoáng phía trên là màu vàng rực rỡ. Các màu sắc bổ sung nhau rất hòa hợp nên tổng thể không hề bị hói mắt hay diêm dúa.

I-shaped kitchen design

If you want your I-shaped kitchen to stand out, why not consider orange? Synchronizing the kitchen with a bright orange color is like breaking the boundaries of white walls. This kitchen is sure to attract the attention of many of those guests.

table decoration

Continuing is a design that uses two complementary colors to create contrast. Like inspired by the flowers on the green and yellow table will create the appeal of cooking.

stone island design

Design an artificial marble island in sync with the kitchen countertop. This stone surface will make cleaning easier and also very luxurious. Above the island, there are two unique pendant lights that add to the charm. This I-shaped kitchen is quite large and spacious, so the furniture is not limited to a certain standard.

kitchen cabinet design

This kitchen uses a wooden frame whose golden brown color makes it a separate entity. The kitchen surface is painted with charcoal color to create a highlight for the space.

design dining room

Do you like kitchen design painted in black and white?

I-shaped kitchen design

Or a symmetrical design using black and wood grain?

I-shaped kitchen design

If it weren't for the two ovens outside, would you recognize this as the kitchen? An italian kitchen design has doors that fold and when closed will look like regular cabinets.

Although the I-shaped kitchen is a straight-line design, there are plenty of layout and color ideas. MOIVAONHATOI hopes that through this article, you will have more design ideas. If you have a need for interior design and construction, please contact us and receive a free consultation.

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