Designing the home and the interior also needs to depend a lot on the homeowner's destiny. For the carpenter, gray and blue will bring prosperity. Not only brings a sense of harmony, but also creates a modern, vibrant space.

The Five Elements Circle - home design for par wooden people

The design of a home for the destiny must pay attention to the five elements. The parochialists choose symbolic colors for plants such as blue, green, brown, and light yellow called compatible colors. Using these colors in house design will bring good luck, peace, and prosperity to the family.

Living room with nice sofa set - home design for the parocular

The living room is decorated with lots of orange-red and gray tones. Gray walls and high-class naval sofas were quite harmonious. In addition, the landlord cleverly accents the room with pillows and carpets with striking colors to create appropriate eye dispersion.

Kitchen with kitchen cabinets is high quality industrial wood

Apartment area is quite small so the living room, dining room and kitchen are designed together in one space, with such design also makes the room unified in tones that look extremely eye-catching.

Overview of the kitchen area and the beautiful minimalist table

The kitchen uses gray tones along with the wall color, the familiar L-frame design saves more space, and it also exudes elegance.

The bedroom has a green tone and the bed has a white bed

Focusing on the design of the home for the destiny, so the bedroom uses green tones as the main difference with gray tones in the living room space. Homeowners have cleverly used white bed sheets to create a balance for the tones.

Beautiful desk and cabinet

The homeowner arranges the bedroom quite simply, there are no redundant essentials, using the dark tones of the desk and closet to blend in with the blue tones of the wall extremely cleverly, just as airy space. more but still retain the youthful modern style.

Nice toilet with full sanitary equipment

Using glass and a white frame separating the shower and toilet space has created a small depth of space, and also separates its own functions.

Television shelf and beautiful decorative decor - home design for the carpentry

The apartment has a small area, but the owner chooses a home design for the destiny with many eye-catching colors, creating a rustic but still extremely lively and airy place.

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