The apartments are often focused a lot on the interior by homeowners, especially the apartments with spacious areas as below with typical inspired by Nordic style minimalistic, modern will surely be an attractive suggestion for your home.

architectural ground of the apartment, living room with Nordic furniture, 2 bedrooms, 2 wc, living space

Apartment premises include, 1 master room with separate dressing room and toilet, 1 extra bedroom, 1 room work, 1 shared bathroom, 1 kitchen, dining room with kitchen table and dining table, 1 living room and spacious hallway.

The main corridor has led ceiling light, fish-bone industrial laminate flooring, and decor paintings

The main hallway to the apartment is spacious with LED ceiling lights and decorative paintings. The entire floor is clad with wood and fish bones to create accents as well as increase the sense of the area for the apartment.

Steel glass partitions can move, separating corridor space and living common

The living room uses a movable steel glass wall, which separates the hallway space from the common living space, increasing the feel of interior space.

The living room has large gray sofa set, tea table, carpet, shelf for decorations with LED sinks

The living room is arranged with a gray sofa and small tea table and white carpet. Next to the wall is placed a cabinet shelf with a yellow light recessed led system, suitable for placing decorations.

The dining room is open, including a small dining table and bar, equipped with large glass windows to ensure light for the apartment.

The dining room is open to the living room, the dining table is arranged neatly behind. The whole wall is designed with 2 glass windows, transparent and bright space, enhancing the connection between interior and nature, and ensuring the amount of light in the apartment.

Kitchen bar made of artificial stone, high waiting chairs and cozy yellow led lighting - interior of nordic

The kitchen counter bar is made of artificial stone imported from Korea, and has two high waiting chairs to increase interaction between the members when cooking.

Separate kitchen with space separating door

In order to avoid odors when in use, the cooking area is designed with a separate small room with sliding wooden doors, which separates the entire outside living space.

fully equipped kitchen, the kitchen surface is used artificial mirror tiles of black stone, the walls are tiled with easy-to-clean ceramic tiles - Nordic interior

There is a limited area but inside the kitchen is still fully equipped with modern cooking equipment thanks to a neat scientific layout. The kitchen counter is made of artificial mirror tiles made of black stone, the walls are covered with glossy white tiles to avoid dirt and are easy to clean.

The bar has an oven, large-sized fridge with wall design

This view can be seen behind the bar is a system of household appliances such as ovens, large-capacity fridges with two-door wall design and modern amenities.


The hallway is designed with a mirror wall, artistic ceiling lights, fish-bone-shaped wooden floors - Nordic interior.

The corridor is designed with a mirror wall, separated by a glass door from the master room to create light connection, increasing the sense of space for the apartment.

Master bedroom interior Nordic style, with large windows and white curtains

Typical Nordic interior style for comfort and simplicity. Therefore, the bedroom layout is not too fussy, but the emphasis focuses on the bed, mainly the gray tones of sheets, blankets and pillows.

Bedrooms and connecting locker rooms do not use compartment doors for ventilation.

The bedroom and dressing room are not separated by the door, but want to receive light through the window from the outside, providing the necessary ventilation.

Dressing room with many industrial wooden cabinets with skylights, glass doors and wooden cabinets

Notice can see architect There is a window layout on the western closet wall and cabinet design as a combination of virtual and real. There are physical cabinets and glass cabinets to ensure lighting efficiency and display for the dressing room.

Bathroom in master bedroom, fully equipped with modern sanitary equipment
Bathroom with bathtub, shower, mirror. Spacious closet.

Inside the bathroom of master bedroom is very spacious area so it is fully arranged Sanitary equipment, with shower and bathtub.

The extra bedroom has a large bed, with white pillows and curtains, and the headboard is a leather-covered PVC sheet and a luxurious night light.

The extra bedroom is fitted with a large bed with bedding and milky white curtains. The headboard is a decorative PVC sheet with hard leather and symmetrical decorative night lights on both sides to create a warm and relaxing room with Nordic interior style.

Industrial wooden closet and concealed ceiling light design provide full lighting.

Another view of the sub-bedroom can be seen that the small wardrobe is arranged with white industrial wood material and the lighting system of the same light level design.

The office has brown painted wooden shelves running along the walls to provide a large storage space

The apartment has a spacious area, it should be arranged an additional working room for the owner with two shelves of elegant brown painted wooden shelves running along the walls to bring large storage space.

At the end of the room is a desk set near the window and glass doors to separate the room space

At the end of the room is a set of desks next to the window and a curtain when a quiet space is needed. Metal glass doors are always used to separate spaces, create ventilation and open design for the apartment

The shared toilet is full of hygienic equipment and has a glass partition to prevent convenient dry and wet spaces - nordic interior

The shared toilet uses the main white color to create a sense of cleanliness, with basic toilet equipment, to separate dry and wet spaces using convenient glass shower walls.

The shared bathroom has a sink, a toilet, a mirror, a hanging rack - a Nordic interior

Overview of apartments with Nordic interior design style that emphasizes simplicity and modernity but equally comfortable and luxurious, providing quality living space as well as optimizing the best function for the apartment. households. Hope you will get the best choice for your home with this style.

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