The studio apartment design Nordic style Usually natural, simple but impressive. Also the mezzanine apartment will make your house extremely harmonious and sophisticated. Here is a sample studio apartment with a Nordic design for reference readers.

gray sofa and nice small tea table and Nordic wall decor

A familiar white tone of Nordic style, the landlord has cleverly selected high-grade brown wooden floors to bring a harmonious space. Furniture like sofa sets, tea tables, bookshelves and decor in deep tones to make the room softer, minimize the colorful colors that distract the eyes.

Wall separating living space and shelves designed beautifully Nordic style

Designing a studio apartment with a dining room, kitchen and living room are connected, but cleverly placed a high-grade white brick wall separating, moreover is a convenient design to put a TV shelf quite suitable. well suited.

dining table set with beautiful ceiling light, simple Nordic style wall painting

Designing a studio apartment with white tone as the main theme, the owner chose her to eat with black and yellow to create a prominent accent for the whole room, which is also an extremely modern and young decoration. middle.

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The apartment has a nice mezzanine

A special feature of the house is the roof-style ceiling design, but it has been stylized with high-class white wood extremely strong and new, while also creating a more depth for the house.

The mezzanine apartment used as a bedroom has a large bed and white bedding.

The room area is quite small but with the advantage of high ceilings, the design of a mezzanine apartment as a bedroom is a perfect choice. The bedroom retains the predominant white tone and the wooden floor tiles to balance the color of the room. In general, the bedroom design is quite simple but feels cozy and gentle.

The space below the attic is the storage room

Taking advantage of the space under the attic to make dressing rooms and wardrobes quite smart, the homeowners use high-grade curtains to separate the space and save money, creating a feeling of a light and luxurious room.

Toilets use non-slip tiles - the apartment has a mezzanine

The toilet wall is covered with high-quality nano-coated stone tiles to create a glossy and wide space for the room to be extremely clean. The floor is covered with black and white tiles as an interstitial decoration to create a pretty eye-catching accent.

Nice bath

The bathtub also uses basic black and white tones to create a luxurious space.

Nordic style apartment overview

Designing a studio apartment with the main white color in accordance with the Northern European style adds to the modernity of the house and the simple optimization design helps the apartment to be more spacious. Studio-style apartments are always a good choice for modern young people today.

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