With the continuous development speed of modern society, the land fund in general and residential land in particular are gradually becoming limited and difficult to own. So today choosing to buy apartments with nice apartment furniture is the top solution for small families with urban living needs and limited budget.

thiết kế tổng thể nội thất chung cư 100m2

Architectural space before and after being arranged for apartments beautiful apartment.

Architectural space before and after being arranged for apartments beautiful apartment.

- The green moving path is used as the homeowner's travel plan with access to the master bedroom and separate toilet.
- The red moving path is the main road for the family, and it extends in all directions.

thiết kế phòng khách

corridor with industrial wood cabinets, washing machine, washbasin, sliding glass doors and blue mesh curtain - nice apartment interior

The corridor area is lined with large, polished white wooden industrial cabinets, with a washing machine and a small hand-wash sink and a flexible cabinet. To shorten the space, homeowners use sliding glass doors and delicate blue net curtains.

The living room has a spacious sofa set with a tea table and lazy chair, below is a cold-colored rug.

The room is designed so that the interior of the apartment is beautiful and simple with a spacious sofa set and a tea table and lazy chair accompanying, the bottom is a cold-colored rug to bring a cool and spacious feeling to the common living space. of the family.

Large windows, with strips of wooden chairs designed and spoke with creative wooden corner cabinets

Next to the big window architect Designed with a strip of wooden chairs, you can sit here to enjoy tea and relax to admire the outer space with the design connected to the wooden cabinet at the corner of the wall to create unity and increase aesthetics.

design dining room

The dining room has a compact dining table, industrial wooden cabinets running along the dining room

The dining room set a small dining table for a family of four. The two walls along the dining room are fitted with industrial wooden shelves, the cabinets on the left of the door are designed with stone pattern and remove the handle instead, you can press on the cabinet to open the door very comfortably.

thiết kế gian bếp

Fully equipped kitchen with basic cooking equipment and spacious ventilation windows.

The kitchen is simply arranged with full basic kitchen equipment to meet the needs of cooking for small families. Especially, the kitchen is designed with 1 separate room and the window system to ensure a very good ventilation without causing odors after use.

thiết kế phòng đa chức năng

Multi-function room with beautiful design smart apartment interior brings large storage space

This room is a multi-purpose room for future children and is currently used as a classroom. With beautiful furniture, smart apartment design provides strong storage space, both long tables and beds.

thiết kế phòng ngủ thứ nhất

Bedroom for the elderly, with large double beds and bright white bed sheets

The first bedroom is the bedroom for the elderly. Although the elderly live and rarely live in areas with beautiful apartment interiors, it still creates a lively and generous space.

asymmetric wall design with wall and embedded led strip provide a soft space

thiết kế phòng ngủ thứ hai

The design of the irregular background wall of the second bedroom is a highlight. Embedded light strips and simple wall lights soften the space. The minimalist paintings and colors of wine blankets make the bedroom more dynamic.

The main bedroom is appropriately designed with decorative lamps on both sides

The master bedroom uses symmetrical design to show a sense of order. The design details are neatly arranged between the hard shell of the wooden wall and the decorative PVC panel behind.

Large double bed and gray and white bed set in the same color as the window curtain

Double beds and windows use bedding sets and gray-white tones with curtains to bring color uniformity to the bedroom to avoid confusion.

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bathroom design

3d image of bathroom in master bedroom - nice apartment interior

Image 3d design up the ideas of architects with many Sanitary equipment Modern tubs and glass partitions and mirrors are arranged in harmony and sophistication.

Bathrooms use black ceramic tiles and bathtubs and modern glass shower walls

Actual image of the master bedroom after construction is arranged in accordance with the 3d drawing but for a clean and anti-fouling space, the owner requires tiling the black floor tiles with stone and ceramic materials. Modern slippery.

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