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  • Style: European, modern, luxury

Referring to European-style designs, people often immediately think of charming, delicate beauty, intertwined in simple and gentle designs. That will be shown right through the interior decoration in the house, the colors and harmony are renewed with modern shapes. apartment design Ecolake View below is also implemented in that style. If you love this style, you should definitely not ignore this article of MOIVAONHATOI.

Let's find out how this apartment is designed!

Overall design of Ecolake view apartment

overall interior design of ecolake view apartment

With the area and spaciousness that this apartment has, it is extremely important to arrange the furniture so that it is beautiful and impressive. Here is divided into 3 main spaces: living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms are designed in modern European style.

DESIGN the entrance to the ECOLAKE VIEW apartment building

interior design of ecolake view apartment entrance

At the entrance, you can see the modern and luxurious here. The design of the multi-purpose wooden cabinet is divided into compartments with different functions, which can both store shoes, hang clothes as well as display precious wine and impressive decorations of the owners here. This will be the eye-catching highlight of every guest as soon as they enter this house.

interior design of ecolake view apartment entrance

Wood color makes the space more noble and luxurious than ever. The wooden wall paneling with beautiful and impressive patterns helps the overall space to be more modern, showing the ancient features of European architecture. To add a beautiful and impressive part, you can decorate the display pictures to make the space more attractive.

thiết kế phòng khách ECOLAKE VIEW

interior design of ecolake view apartment living room

The highlight for this European-style living room is a soft sofa set with creamy white tones, creating elegance as well as nobility. Furniture such as tea tables, high bookshelves also create accents with wooden materials, bringing a very harmonious feature to this place. With a very ornate tree lamp, and a chandelier that brings warmth and elegance to the whole space.

interior design of ecolake view apartment living room

The living room of this villa is the place to receive natural sunlight and is also the place that most clearly shows the style of the owner, simple yet extremely luxurious. The design of high wall wooden cabinets, with dividing cabinets and unique design creates flexibility in storing items here. It is impossible to ignore the eye-catching floral pattern carpet that gives this space the harmony and gentleness of European style.

It can be seen that the meticulousness and beautiful furniture arrangement have created a living room filled with the nobility and warmth of this European-style villa.

thiết kế phòng bếp – ăn ECOLAKE VIEW

interior design of ecolake view apartment dining room

The golden details of the chair, the multi-ball chandelier create an eye-catching look with the meticulous and staggered design, a perfect addition to the kitchen itself. The European-style spread table elevates the level of the apartment. Following the simple school, the interior of the dining table is aimed at high-class aesthetic values by the elegant cream color, and the soft sofa. The two sides of the table are symmetrically designed with sophisticated carved motifs, rich patterns creating softness for this place.

interior design of ecolake view apartment kitchen
interior design of ecolake view apartment kitchen

The kitchen space is compact but extremely comfortable, highly aesthetic with a simple layout. The flood of natural light makes the house corner more comfortable and cool. To make the most of the space, we have designed a system of kitchen cabinets on both sides to increase convenience and comfort every time homeowners use it. Still using wood material to design the shelves to create a more modern and classy look, helping to expand the space on both sides.

ECOLAKE VIEW master bedroom design

interior design of master bedroom in ecolake view apartment

This is the most relaxing place in the house, so it will be decorated with minimalism but will still exude the classic European style of the apartment. European bed with a unique and sophisticated shape but still brings luxury to this space. The design makes use of a small wooden desk to work, makeup right at the window to help receive the most light sources from the outside to the inside, bringing comfort to the owner.

interior design of master bedroom in ecolake view apartment

It is impossible to ignore the beautiful transparent wooden wardrobe design, which not only brings a new uniqueness but also exudes a very personal nobility. In front of the bed, there is also a modern TV cabinet with mysterious black color to create an eye-catching look with many drawers to create flexibility for the owner's activities.

interior design of master bedroom in ecolake view apartment

The highlight of the room is a unique and delicate crystal chandelier that is a blend of classic elegance and trendy modernity. Creating a sophisticated, curved light frame, although not too picky, but very trendy, suitable for many spaces.

ECOLAKE VIEW child bedroom design

interior design of the ecolake view apartment's children's bedroom

Sticking to the white color of the apartment, combined with wooden furniture, the bedroom is also designed to be more streamlined. A built-in cabinet is a popular choice in recent times, especially in the modern European style. The noble brown wood color of the cabinet and bed brings a youthful, eye-catching look with sophisticated pattern lines. Adding a night light here also makes the whole space more beautiful and sophisticated.

interior design of the ecolake view apartment's children's bedroom

The desk is also used wood material placed in the place with the most light to help the space here full of energy. Designing more shelves to hang clothes also makes it easy for homeowners to hang boats, bringing convenience to this small room.

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