• Project: Apartment Park 5
  • Style: modern, comfortable

Nowadays, the model of high-class apartments is very popular with many people. Especially in big cities, this model is increasingly popular. Understanding that, the team of architects of MOIVAONHATOI has researched and meticulously Interior design of the apartment Park 5 stars for the most modern and comfortable.

Interior design of Park 5 apartment building with 2 bedrooms and simple but convenient furniture selection gives the apartment a modern, luxurious look. Follow us to learn the uniqueness of the interior design of this Park 5 apartment!

Interior design of living room - kitchen in park 5 apartment building

The design of the living room and the adjacent kitchen is both beautiful and convenient to save maximum space for the room. This is also a popular design style for medium sized apartments. The design of 2 adjacent spaces breaks all space limitations to help the house become spacious and comfortable.

Interior design of the living room - kitchen in Park 5 apartment building

The meticulousness in the selection of wooden furniture such as tables, shelves, and floors is simple but fully equipped to create a harmonious and unified overall. Moreover, wood material is always chosen to bring a modern and sophisticated look to the room.

The living room is designed right next to the balcony to help bring the room the most natural light source. Moreover, this design also creates an open and airy space.

Interior design of the living room - kitchen in Park 5 apartment building

The green I-letter game sofa cushion gently opposite the TV is the living and relaxing space of the whole family. The TV shelf extends with many partitions for comfort. Moreover, the light brick wall background design is both a highlight and helps highlight the interior.

Simple dining table, the size depends on the number of members of the family. The most convenient multi-purpose cabinet for living.

Interior design of the living room - kitchen in Park 5 apartment building

The installation of additional drop lights in the dining room and living room is both a highlight and provides more light for living. Furthermore, adding a mirror is a perfect choice to help loosen the space, creating an airy.

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Interior design bedroom master park apartment 5

Design of master bedroom in Park 5

The bedroom is designed with neutral colors to bring a minimalistic and modernity. White wooden bed design next to the window and gray carpet create the most comfortable resting space with natural light and air. Round single sofa is placed by the window, convenient for reading, both luxurious and classy.

Interior design of master bedroom in Park 5

Wooden cabinets with many high-walled walls are both space-optimized and simple. Moreover, bookshelves are also arranged so that they are consistent and unified with the room.

Master bedroom of Park apartment 5

Simple makeup shelf placed near the window for the most comfortable living with natural light. The trench is installed both convenient for living and helps to loosen space.

Design of bathroom in Park 5 apartment

The bathroom is simply designed but still has the most amenities. The combination of white brick wall texture and neutral color patterned ceramic tiles is both an accent, modern and luxurious.

Park apartment bathroom 5

The bathroom is separated by a system of transparent stained-glass shower cubicles to create a space. High-class porcelain toilet, the fancy-looking washbasin offers the most modern and comfortable living space overall.

Interior design bedroom sub-bedroom park 5

Park apartment sub bedroom 5

With a moderate space, the extra bedroom is designed to select the smallest of the furniture, but still ensure comfort. Using the main white colors, the combination of cream-colored furniture will make the space here more airy and modern.

Park apartment sub bedroom 5

Large bed with high design is a comfortable resting space for homeowners. Luxury wood grain background. The bassinet design of the cabinet helps to minimize the space. Design to add small cupboards near the bed for maximum comfort.

Interior design of bedroom sub-bedroom Park 5

The design of a soft round single sofa helps homeowners comfortably read books but also creates a luxurious and soft space. Decorative cabinets with pictures make the room more vivid. Glass doors help capture all the natural light to make the room more airy.

Interior design toilets in park 5 apartment complexes

Park apartment restroom 5

Designing a beautiful small bathroom using artificial stone building materials and patterned stone foundation is both the highlight and create an airy space.

Park shared bathroom 5

Design of private glass bathroom, with separate toilet and sink, making it convenient to use as well as living. High-quality porcelain washbasin, stylized round mirror design and cabinets below are the darkest yet fully equipped. Design more shelves for convenient bathroom living.

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