• Project: Apartment Park 5
  • Style: minimalistic, modern, comfortable

Owning an apartment house with beautiful, modern, yet convenient interior design is the dream of many customers. Understanding that, MOIVAONHATOI's team of architects has been meticulous in their work Interior design of the apartment Park 5 of Mr. Kim is modern and sophisticated.

With the selection of interior with a simple but fully equipped design, the park 5 apartment building appears modern and luxurious with a comfortable 2-bedroom design. Follow us to learn the unique design in this Park 5 apartment!

Interior design of living room - kitchen in park 5 apartment building

With an apartment with a moderate area, the design of the living room and the adjacent kitchen will create a spacious living space. Along with the simple but fully equipped furniture selection will be the perfect choice for this space.

Interior design of the living room of Park 5

The overall view of the living room and dining room is designed together with the use of bright neutral colors to make the space more modern and luxurious.

living room

Interior design of the living room of Park 5

Right at the entrance is a shoe locker system with additional mirror design convenient for living in and out. Furthermore, the mirror design is always selected for modern apartments to loosen more airy space.

Interior design of the living room of Park 5

The living room is the living place of the whole family, so it must be the most comfortable and airy. Understanding that, our team of architects designed the living room next to the balcony to provide the most natural light for the room. With natural light, the room will always be bright and full of life.

Gray I-shaped sofa cushions are always chosen for small rooms. Sofa is placed opposite the TV, a simple round tea table with soft gray carpet brings the most comfortable living space to the homeowner. Moreover, the ingenious design of high-grade plaster ceiling with square concave creates a sense of height to help the space more airy. Ceiling lights with a simple branch design both brighten the space and are a luxurious highlight.

Interior design of the living room of Park 5

The design of the high altar shelf is both minimalistic in area, but does not lose the solemnity and solemnity. Moreover, the use of white veneer wall cladding further accentuates the interior.

kitchen-dining room

Interior design of the Park apartment kitchen 5

The simply designed dining room includes a wooden cabinet with many compartments close to the wall, which is convenient for displaying items. The dining table is also selected for a simple design, especially the design of the dining room with additional partitions with unique motifs helps to divide the space, creating a sense of separation but still airy.

Interior design bedroom master park apartment 5

Interior design of master bedroom in Park 5

The bedroom is designed in a minimalist way in the selection of simple but functional furniture. The design takes the main color gamut to create an airy, youthful and modern space. Right at the entrance is a white shelf close to the wall. Choosing the same ceiling color helps deceive the vision, making the space open. A simple light wood vanity with a white mirror helps to loosen space and comfort for homeowners. Choosing a light wood background combined with wooden furniture is always the perfect choice, bringing a minimalism and elegance and modernity.

Interior design of master bedroom in Park 5

The design of large glass windows helps to bring maximum natural light to the room, enlarging space and comforting at the same time. Combining more cream-colored curtain system is soft but still in harmony with the overall room. Geometric motifs wall hanging randomly are a unique and creative highlight.

Interior design of master bedroom in Park 5

Light blue wall paint helps to accentuate furniture while bringing a fresh space to the room.

Interior design of bedroom for children in Park 5

Design of bedroom for children in Park 5 apartment

With a moderate space, the child's bedroom is designed with the dominant white color. MOIVAONHATOI's KTS team has meticulously selected minimalistic but fully furnished furniture. Still choosing luxury wooden furniture: light wooden background, wooden bed, wooden study desk has brought an airy and modern space.

Interior design of bedroom for children in Park 5 apartment

Designing wooden bed close to the wall opposite the TV is the most relaxing and comfortable space. High walled white wooden cabinets help to deceive the vision to create an airy space. The bass light system adds light to the space.

Interior design of bedroom for children in Park 5 apartment

The wooden study table placed near the bed and the bookshelf system is a perfect, creative and comfortable learning space for children. Design adding pictures to highlight the space more lively. In addition to making the most of large windows, the room will always be bright with natural light, while helping to loosen the space. Decorate light gray curtains to bring a soft, cozy room

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