• Project: Apartments Park Hill
  • Style: Modern, luxurious and sophisticated

White color is always popular in interior spaces designed in a modern style and is easy to coordinate with comfortable and sophisticated furniture. In the interior design of the apartment Park Hill – Mr. Viet's house made by MOIVAONHATOI below also takes this color as the main color tone, eye-catching interior decoration brings a more airy and unique space.

Let's see how this Park Hill apartment design is transformed through the creative hands of the team of architects MOIVAONHATOI!

Overall design of park hill apartment

 The interior design of the Park Hill apartment building has a minimalist and sophisticated style and modern furniture designed by MOIVAONHATOI's team of architects.

The apartment is spacious with different spaces, creating comfort for homeowners without feeling secret. From above, we will see that we arrange the furniture very reasonably, saving the homeer's travel space. The house includes 3 main spaces: living room - kitchen, 2 spacious and airy bedrooms.

living room design PARK HILL APARTMENT

Design living room apartment park hill

The overall living room space - kitchen is designed to be compact, giving the space a feeling of airy and comfortable. Here we use dark tones for the space and furniture, bringing a modern second. Designing the living room next to the large balcony helps the air circulate, the room is also full of light.

Design living room apartment park hill

The living room will bring you a new space with large proportions of white, gray and brown, with wall paintings creating accents. Reasonably arranged living room with ash gray long sofa combined with fancy small wooden tea table gives a comfortable and pleasant space through this color combination. Adding carpet underfoot in black creates a pleasant feeling, adding a sense of mystery to the whole space here. Ceiling lights with many impressive shadows will be the highlight for the modernity of the room.

Design living room apartment park hill

The front of the living room is simply designed, the tiled wall is not boring. Two-storey TV cabinet layout with many drawers creates convenience every homeowner uses.

kitchen design shared PARK HILL

design kitchen of park hill apartment

Compact dining space, arranged inside to save travel area. Here, using a dining table suitable for a small family of 6 with leather upholstery system also brings more modernity and coziness for the homeowner when gathering here. Arranging the large altar using wood material with many unique patterns and highlights, located here will bring a quiet worship space, ensuring reverence.

design kitchen of park hill apartment

With a spacious area that this room offers, it will be suitable for kitchen interior layout. The above white wooden kitchen cabinet is neatly designed with many drawers, extending according to the room and fully meeting the home's comfortable furniture. Install a vertical led system that extends the cabinet to create brightness for the kitchen. Add fancy stone vein bar table to bring more comfort and comfort for homeowners when using.

master bedroom design PARK HILL APARTMENT

Design bedroom master park hill apartment

In this room, pastel tones of gray, white, and pink continue architect preferred use. The large bed combined with smart wood counters makes the space more spacious and the family's activities easier. The unique leather-covered headboard wall creates a modern highlight here. Using a spacious, high-quality pull-out wardrobe brings convenience to the homeowner. Especially to highlight the room, installing night lights and bedside decorations, art paintings also make the room more attractive than ever.

Design bedroom master park hill apartment

The design of the glossy gray curtain system makes the space more mysterious and luxurious in this space. At the same time, arrange a small dressing table with bookshelf design Unique wooden bar, bringing more fancy and attractiveness to the homeowner. Do not forget to design a cabinet under the TV so that it can be easily decorated to make the room more beautiful.

bedroom design for Mr. & Mrs. Chung PARK HILL

design bedroom grandparents park hill apartment

Grandparents bedroom only needs to meet the most comfort and convenience, so we have simplified the furniture here. Delicate white wooden bed design with bedside cabinets increase aesthetic beauty and more comfort. The wardrobe pulls with white wood tones so that the grandparents can more easily use, while also increasing the sophistication of this space.

design bedroom grandparents park hill apartment

Under the bed are also designed TV cabinets and a small TV for grandparents to have the most relaxing moments here. The compact table placed next to the bed to save space for this space. With the use of a fur carpet under the bed will increase the comfort and comfort, and also help the room become much more refined.

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