Japanese style gives a calming, peaceful effect, an elegant yet confident look. A gentle blend of Scandinavian and Japanese style tạo ra một không gian đơn giản nhưng ấm áp. Thiết kế nhà sử dụng tông màu gỗ tự nhiên cùng màu trắng đang trở thành xu hướng nổi bật. MOIVAONHATOI sẽ dưới thiệu cho bạn một số mẫu interior design phong cách Japandi dưới đây.

Model 1: interior design Japandi

 interior design Japandi

The first design has a rather modest area, so it is focused on the small sofa. Neutral colors such as white, beige and brown complement each other to inspire each other. Overall soft colors make visual comfort and relaxation.

decorate the living room

A white Scandinavian rug with black lines is used to define the seating position. Sofas and chairs in the same tone help link the furniture. Wooden coffee table and a few brown details create emphasis and depth for the space. There are also a few paintings that add artistry to the space.

interior design Japandi

Beside the sofa, there is also a boldly designed bookcase interior style Japandi từ gỗ tếch. Phía bên trên trưng bày các cuốn sách, đèn và phụ kiện trang trí, giúp không gian tránh được sự đơn điệu, nhàm chán.

Install a projector in the living room

Để giúp không gian nhẹ nhàng thì KTS đã lược bỏ đi chiếc TV và kệ tủ cồng kềnh. Thay vào đó là màn hình máy chiếu chiếu thẳng lên tường. Màn hình lớn giúp nâng cao trải nghiệm xem phim, đồng thời giúp tiết kiệm không gian.

interior design Japandi

The interior of the kitchen is mainly designed and made from wood, which is also a characteristic of Japandi style. Natural wood brown color coordinates very smoothly with the dominant white tone. The floor is also a wooden floor designed and arranged in the shape of a herringbone.

Model 2: Japandi style apartment design

living room layout

The second design has a great advantage in height, so the space is very airy. With such high ceilings, a really tall wardrobe is also a suitable choice for storing things.

interior design Japandi

A chair gray sofa Mouse feathers are used as elegant accents for wooden cabinets. Below is a carpet woven from jute yarn in the same tone as the furniture wooden furniture brings out the most distinct Japandi-style design feeling. 

terrazzo stone table

The coffee table is made from white artificial terrazzo, so it helps to brighten up the space. A narrow rectangular table straddles the compact seating area.

interior design Japandi

The tea table has separated the sofa from two modern, fancy armchairs opposite. Behind there is a large wall-mounted shelf to place books and decorative accessories.

install kitchen island
interior design Japandi

Different from the above Japandi design, this kitchen uses furniture entirely from wood. modern devices, and metal materials have appeared more. The kitchen island is painted in a matte black to create a very clean and luxurious feeling.

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Here are two samples living room design and kitchen theo phong cách Japandi. MOIVAONHATOI hy vọng bài viết này sẽ giúp ích được cho bạn trong thiết kế nội thất cho ngôi nhà của mình.

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