The houses bring architectural style Japanese characteristics often bring a very peaceful, gentle feeling. A design that blends the serenity of tradition and elegance of modernity. The positive energy that the house brings will impress you. Let's visit the house with Japanese-style interior design below.

Japanese style living room interior design

Japanese style room interior design
Living room interior design

The house has a narrow design and is surrounded by warm wooden details. A bonsai tree with a soft, flexible design that enhances the majesty of the room.

Japanese style room interior design

The light gray sofa blends harmoniously with the brown color of the table and wooden floor. Above the wall is a row of wooden cabinets with a typical fish shape of traditional design.

Japanese style room interior design

The room is made use of space by narrow bookshelves but still ensures aesthetics.

living room design
Japanese style room interior design

In addition to the basic features of Japanese-style furniture, the Living Room also features a glittering brick wall. Coordinating with large windows on the wall will create a unique and shimmering effect for the house.

Traditional kitchen interior design

kitchen interior design

The distinguishing feature of Japanese-style furniture is the smooth wood material. Wood materials combined with delicate kitchen design create a feeling of harmony and peace.

Japanese style room interior design
kitchen cabinet design

The cooking area is designed with a deep Shōji effect. The cabinet doors are designed to slide to the side typical of the traditional door style. Although the design is a bit traditional, the kitchen space is still supplemented with modern details for added convenience.

Japanese style bedroom interior design

entrance design

The path leading to the bedroom is placed with a long wooden chair, creating a very rustic and natural feeling. In addition, the large mirror makes the hallway appear "wider".

Japanese style room interior design

The bedroom is designed quite minimally and mainly with traditional influences. Use a thin pallet in place of a large, bulky bed. The color is also quite monotonous with white as the main color and complemented by beige wood.

bedroom design

The highlight of the room is the unique semi-spherical wall lamp.

Bedroom design

A globe-shaped lamp illuminates the opposite side and a painting adds an artistic touch to the room.

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Above is a sample of a Japanese-style house design. MOIVAONHATOI hope the article will be helpful to you.

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