• Project: Park 11- Park Hill
  • Style: Modern, luxurious

Interior design of the apartment Park Hill is one of the apartment projects where MOIVAONHATOI has the opportunity to be trusted by many customers for interior design and construction. Most of the apartments are designed by the architect with a modern and luxurious style to highlight the beauty of their home.

With Ms. Trang's apartment building, the KTS MOIVAONHATOI team goes in a new and more eye-catching direction, showing both the elegance and sophistication with each furniture item.

design living room - kitchen

This modern Park Hill apartment design will bring you a new dimension of space. Entering the living room is a very bright open space, with white, gray and black in large proportions. However, the first impression of the house is not the boring cold, but on the contrary, the very individuality and modernity of the owner. The living room is arranged reasonably with a long ash gray sofa, combined with a soft black carpet at the feet creating a pleasant feeling when sitting here.

The highlight for this living room is the golden circular ceiling lamp that creates a more unique and modern place for this place. At the same time, we also decorate the back wall of black stone to highlight this main color tone. TV shelf Combined with simple lines and simple cubes, making the most of the storage space. It will be the perfect choice if you combine more wall art to make the room more attractive and accent.

The extended kitchen combined with the highlight bar, the unique design creates a very unique feature for this kitchen space. The 6-chair dining table set with a unique design, youthful gray color is very monotonous, but when the furniture is arranged together, it creates the uniqueness of high-end technology. The high-end gold-plated ceiling lamp design drops onto the dining area table, bringing convenience and enhancing the aesthetic beauty of this room.

bedroom design

Still using white and gray tones to highlight the homeowner's bedroom, we have designed specialized furniture, which limits cumbersome details, but still shows a modern style here. Pull-up wardrobe design creates convenience also helps to save space and make it easier to use. Especially to create a highlight for the room, the installation of yellow led lights along the bedside helps the room to be more attractive than ever.

At the foot of the bed is designed to add a large locker, along the wall to create more convenience and comfort for the owner of the room. The long white wooden vanity combined with the large round mirror is also arranged with LEDs that look very eye-catching, creating a connection for this space.

Baby bedroom design

The psychology of girls is often gentle and cute, so our designers will pay attention when mixing colors in the interior design of girls' rooms, usually white and light blue to create a lovely space. more for the little ones. With this room, prioritizing minimalism and putting convenience first, we have decorated more furniture such as soft bed rugs, clocks, beautiful wall stickers, ... to add a lively and unique part. unique here ..

Do you love the interior design of this modern luxury apartment? Please contact MOIVAONHATOI immediately for consulting on design - construction of apartment interior!

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