Place: Hapulico Complex, 83 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Hanoi

Acreage: 224 square meters

Cost of construction: 430 million (see details at the end of the article)

Construction time: 20 days

- 2020 -


Hello everyone, today, I invite you to visit an interior project office Due to Invitation Into My House, I just designed and constructed it urgently in 20 days with a reasonable cost of only 1.9 million / m2, please have a look at what we have done with the above cost and construction progress!


3D layout design office interior layout

Inwave's office is designed and constructed on a floor area of 224m2, for 50 employees, 2 meeting rooms, 1 reception hall and 1 pantry area.

Look from the outside of the office space during the construction process:

Looking from outside into the office lobby during construction

Looking back at these pictures, always on the team Architect We feel full of emotions, because 20 days sticking to the project, we are in a hurry every day, calculating each team of workers to achieve the fastest progress. And 20 days passed so quickly, these construction images only caught a glimpse and the work was quickly completed.


inwave office furniture seen from outside the main door

The office has a large glass array, located in the hallway of the whole building, so the MV has designed the space behind the glass door to be attractive from materials, lines to light, creating an appearance. Beautiful facade for company.

inwave office front hall design

With a unique and outstanding design, with a large glass array, INWAVE office attracts everyone's eyes when passing by.

1 / office lobby design:

interior design of office with wooden ceiling

Put your shoes in this colorful shoe locker and walk into the office! This shoe locker is optimally designed to hold up to 56 pairs of shoes!

Beautiful office shoe cabinet designs

3D design viewing angle from the main door steps:

We invite you to watch the transformation from 3D design to construction, and when completing the main hall of the office

3d design office backdrop

This is the office of the software company INWAVE, the word "wave" means "sea wave", so the interior design lines of this office are also oriented towards the theme of Sea and Waves. Especially in this lobby backdrop is designed with wavy lines, adding coordination with the curving ceiling, creating a beautiful and eye-catching image for customers or anyone passing by our office. INWAVE company.

and photo taken step by step CONSTRUCTION PROCESS:

Construction of plaster ceiling with floating skeleton for offices

The photo above was taken when the new project was handed over, the workers Inviting My House are dismantling the excess details of the former tenant.

Ceiling wood plastic imitation of the main hall company

The ceiling system has just been installed, drywall as a background for the backdrop has been erected. The plaster ceiling is designed in combination with the beautiful wooden imitation plastic ceiling, but also works to create air slots, helping to air in and air up, and the fresh air system on the ceiling to easily ventilate into the space below.

Construction of the lobby office backdrop inwave

Backdrop is being erected. This is a unique design in concept as well as relatively difficult to construct to create a soft glide. Before attaching the wooden plaque, we had to position the logos and letters, to put the end of the wire waiting for electricity to each light mica word.

the process of building an office reception hall

After finishing the first layer of wood, the second layer of wood is also mounted. Between two layers of wood is a wavy LED light


design and construction of office lobby backdrop

Office lobby space is completed according to design. The owner as well as the architects of MV are satisfied that the products we cherished have become reality.

OTHER VIEW From construction to finishing:

construction of company office lobby furniture
office design game programming company


Process of office construction with wood grain plastic ceiling

The wooden imitation plastic ceiling system is tested by us without "joints", that is, each standard wooden fake plastic bar when purchased will be 3m or 6m long, must be installed to make the most of the excess material. , and not pieced together, each bar, once attached to the ceiling, must be a solid. It can be said that with this construction method, if not carefully calculated, there will be a lot of excess materials, causing costs to rise. Currently, the purchase price of materials does not include the installation of each m2 of the wood-grain plastic ceiling about 700,000 VND / m2, plus the installation work, plus the costs incurred when making the ceiling without joints, the price can be up to 1 million / 1 m2. Construction contractors need to have a way to calculate the most reasonable price.

Construction and installation of main office furniture

Then, to complete the carpets, partitions and internal wiring, to complete in accordance with the design drawings:

Wooden ceiling for lobby office furniture
backdrop structure wooden spokes logo mounted lights

Ảnh trên thể hiện cấu tạo của backdrop lượn sóng, cách chúng tôi thi công và gắn đèn hắt uốn lượn. Trong phần logo, mỗi chữ phát sáng là 1 bóng đèn riêng, dây đèn riêng được định vị dây điện chờ chính xác trước khi lắp vách gỗ. Văn phòng của công ty games thường không bị gò bó về thiết kế hay màu sắc, thậm chí là đòi nhiều sự sáng tạo để mang lại không gian sinh động, mang lại sự hứng thú cho mọi người. Mời vào nhà tôi đã làm rất tốt khi thể hiện rõ được những đặc trưng của công ty ngay tại tiền sảnh.


The large meeting room is also the second beauty spot behind the lobby, because it will welcome partners to talk about work, software products of the company.

3d design:

3d design of large meeting room interior

to the construction process of the meeting room:

Construction of large meeting room office
Decorative wall painting carpeted office large meeting room

and meeting rooms when completed:

design and construction of corporate office meeting room

This is a large meeting room of the company, with a capacity of 17 people or less, with a simple design but also creating an impression and elegance when receiving partners as well as creating a creative environment for the company.

Meeting room construction process
Design and construction of large corporate meeting room in blue color completed

From inside the conference room to:

Construction of painting wall array hit the company meeting room
Beautiful corporate meeting room

The workspace is full of green and green colors of trees, along with the blue of the sea, designed in accordance with Inwave brand themes.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
If you have a need to design and construct office furniture FAST, QUALITY, Reasonable Cost, contact us: MV Construction Company
Phone: 0908.66.88.10


The co-working space is the main place where the company's members work, it does not need beautiful interior design, but needs more technical factors such as: optimal space layout, convenient traffic, Reasonable lighting and ventilation, standard power lines and networks for each desk.

Designing 3D co-working space:

3d design of office interior working 50 people

Current status of handover:

Current status of commercial office handover

The image of the company's co-working space upon handover is messy, and it will change completely within the next few days.

construction process:

Office work area construction process

Ảnh trên được chụp khi công trình đã hoàn thành phần đường điện và mạng internet đi chìm, trần thạch cao, và đang sơn tường trang trí. Đối với văn phòng của công ty về công nghệ, thiết kế phần mềm, đặc biệt là lập trình games thường rất chú trọng vào đường mạng internet, và yêu cầu mỗi máy tính cần 01 dây mạng internet riêng (không dùng wifi) để tạo sự ổn định và tốc độ cao nhất đến máy chủ. Dưới sàn nhà, các kĩ sư của MV đã kẻ sẵn định vị từng vị trí bàn làm việc (đường nét màu đen), để đường điện và mạng được lắp đặt chính xác cho từng máy tính.

Office carpeting

The MV technician is connecting and marking up network lines. The painted wall and floor coverings are finished. Tables and chairs are being installed. This is the 18th day of the process office construction.

co-working space upon completion:

office design game programming company
Office interior design

painted hand-painted wall panels:

Construction office wall paint

Wavy blue painted wall is drawn by hand drawn, giving the wall a new look.

Design and construction of office furniture 200m2

Office interior design works with painted wall panels accentuating the company's branding color.

Design 3d array wall decoration:

3d design wall array painted office interior decor

and make it handmade:

Decorative painting paint for office wall

“Teamwork makes the dream work”, the text expressing the company's culture, is carefully painted every stroke, and the result is as beautiful as a printer. And this wall was completed in just one morning.

Finished painted wall array:

Beautiful blue office

If you have a need to design and construct office furniture, or simply paint the walls, contact MV, to paint with prices from only 150,000 VND to 300,000 VND / m2

Paint painted wall decoration
Wall decoration with paint

Unlimited innovation - unlimited innovation, is also what the employees of Inwave software company always aim for, they will design new software, program new games in this office space.

Similar comparison between 3d and reality:

3d design painted wall array hit office decor
Blue office decorative wall array design

Step by step construction process:

Current situation of office premises handover

The premises when receiving the handover are sprawled, exposing the concrete ceiling and the air conditioning system is not in the right place

The process of building the ceiling and dropping the skeleton for the office

Plastered plaster ceiling system with floating frame 60x60cm has been completely installed, this will be a co-working space with a simpler design than meeting rooms, halls ..., as well as easy maintenance and repair for the ceiling system. This drop.

Furniture installation for office work

The furniture is designed with a simple design with black table legs, will be mixed with computer cases, power lines, creating neatness.


Design and construction of office furniture
Nice office furniture
Software company office work

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
If you have a need to design and construct office furniture FAST, QUALITY, Reasonable Cost, contact us: MV Construction Company
Phone: 0908.66.88.10


Small meeting room will be a place to receive candidates, or to discuss work with small groups of employees, instead of using large meeting rooms too large will be thin.

The process of painting accent walls
Interior design of meeting room for game company

The small meeting room is also simply designed with painted wall paint. This is a youthful design that is not too expensive, suitable for offices, creating a creative and dynamic working environment for everyone.

Construction of office furniture with decorative paint arrays

Compare 3d and realistic small meeting room when complete:

3d decorative painted wall design for small meeting room
Design and construction of yellow corporate office meeting room

It can be said, Welcome Home I am always proud of the construction techniques, to make sure the products are exactly the same design, and feel like the actual photo will always look better than the 3D drawing.

5 / pantry - dining room, common activities:

Công ty Inwave cũng rất quan tâm tới đời sống, tạo môi trường làm việc thoải mái cho anh em công ty khi dành riêng một diện tích 15m2 để mọi người có thể nghỉ giữa giờ, ăn uống cho các thành viên. Có thể nói, đây là 15m2 của tình cảm công ty dành cho các thành viên, chính vì vậy, giữa không gian toàn màu xanh, MV đã thiết kế cánh cửa vào khu Pantry có màu cam ấm khác biệt hoàn toàn:

from 3d to reality:

3d design of office glass wall interior

The door to the Pantry room with the unique Shining Orange Glass, we constructed exactly like 3D.

Office design for game production company

Design 3d pantry room:

Interior design 3d dining room pantry office work


Office pantry construction process

and when the pantry is complete:

Design and construction of pantry corporate office

Hình ảnh được chúng tôi chụp là trước khi bàn giao công trình cho khách hàng 1 ngày, do vậy vẫn chưa có đồ đạc gì, chưa tạo được sự sinh động cho bức ảnh. Tuy nhiên, nếu có mặt thực tế trên công trình, nhìn kĩ các chi tiết, các bạn sẽ thấy chỉ một chiếc tủ bếp đơn giản, nhưng MV đã thiết kế rất tỉ mỉ và hướng đến người dùng.

Wooden cabinets pantry dining office furniture

Actual video in office furniture In-wave:


1Dismantle the existing wall5,000,000 VND
2Glass edgeVND 60,000,000
3Plasterboard, wall paint40,000,000 VND
4plaster ceiling40,000,000 VND
5Curtain 30,000,000 VND
6Electrical system, network100,000,000 VND
7Furniture (all except work furniture):
- The pantry cabinets
- The partitions, hanging bookshelves
- Wooden wall paneling backdrop decoration
- Lighting system, font backdrop
- Shoes Cabinet
80,000,000 VND
8Carpet40,000,000 VND
9Decorative decal, wall stickers20,000,000 VND
10Other decorative parts (table top partitions, wall braces ...)15,000,000 VND
11Design feesFree
(Not including tables and chairs)
430,000,000 VND equivalent 1.900.000 VND / m2
12Desk + chair + partition for 45 people80,000,000 VND
(Furniture included)
510,000,000 VND equivalent 2.270.000 VND / m2

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
If you have a need to design and construct office furniture FAST, QUALITY, Reasonable Cost, contact us: MV Construction Company
Phone: 0908.66.88.10

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