Living room adjacent to the kitchen


Investor: Mr. Nhân Hà Tĩnh

Address: Phan Đình Phùng - Hà Tĩnh

Acreage: 35m2

— 2011 —


After watching interior design FLOOR 1 - ANH NHAN OFFICE, go up the stairs to the 2nd Floor - THE KITCHEN LIVING ROOM we're watching.

The staircase T1 to T2 has also been revised:

Living room adjacent to the kitchen
Living room adjacent to the kitchen

Renovating right from the outside perspective, removing aluminum glass door, replacing with hydraulic glass door, plaster ceiling of corridor with decorative chandelier ... Basically, this is just a small change, not smashing the wall, Only changing the material, however, it brings more light and space to look at the living room, kitchen.

Gypsum ceiling area "living room adjacent to the kitchen":

Living room adjacent to the kitchen

3D drawing of the kitchen living room design:

Living room adjacent to the kitchen

The left is The living room's furniture, on the right is the kitchen, from the bottom are 2 doors to the room.

3D sectional design of living room with kitchen:

Living room adjacent to the kitchen

The leftmost is the partition to decorate the living room, between the living room and the staircase. On the right side of the picture is a fake bamboo tree decorating the kitchen, these bamboo trees are placed in the main light source of the house, making it suitable for viewing, from the inside, one feels like looking out to nature. Bamboo wall is the contact details between indoor space and nature.

View from the living room to the kitchen (3D design - current situation):

The biggest disadvantage of the old design is not open, not wide, because the doors and walls ... so we have to break ...

Breaking walls between kitchen and living room "living room adjacent to kitchen":

After finishing the living room interior more beautiful:

It looks better ... but is there something green in the back of the kitchen? Let's go in to see it !!!

A closer look at the kitchen "living room adjacent to the kitchen":

At the end of the kitchen is the only airy wall of both the kitchen and the guest. Therefore, break down the partition between the living room and the kitchen to get light for the living room. In addition, previously, this partition wall has not been optimized for use. Therefore, this time, Tuan used aluminum glass doors to expand all, and inside the house is a fake bamboo array, creating green space. Although the house is less airy, it feels like a garden house!

Further reference: Sample Beautiful garden villas - corner of the countryside in the heart of Hanoi

Living room adjacent to the kitchen

The photo above is a garden villa in the heart of the countryside in the heart of Hanoi, which was loved by the movies when it was filmed and also constructed by the MV in 2009.

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Back to renovated townhouses:

From the inner staircase, everything also becomes more attractive, more attractive, leading viewers to the beautiful living room

View from the kitchen to the living room "kitchen living room":

After perforating the wall, the house is larger, the living room is more beautiful:

Living room adjacent to the kitchen
Living room adjacent to the kitchen

Completed, nice living room interiors:

Living room adjacent to the kitchen

Looking closely at the TV wall, renovating the living room wall:

Innovate, but still keep the homeowner's own style. 3 Mr. Phuc Loc Tho statues have a special place on TV Wall (which was previously placed on the roof of the cabinet - same position)

Gypsum ceiling decorated the living room with wooden spokes "living room adjacent to the kitchen":

Living room adjacent to the kitchen

It can be said that the house has been completely transformed from the old house. The new house has the same area but helps us feel more spacious, the interior is also more uniform in warm brown tones.

The same Guest Kitchen space as the house above, Interior design of hung 103 apartment building It was again fitted with new furniture (not renovated), and what would a modern design color look like? What are the construction steps, please visit!

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