The living room is always the focal point of the house where people gather to talk and have fun. In apartments, the living room is the most spacious and airy common area. So work living room design How to make the apartment both modern and artistic? To answer this question, we invite you to follow MOIVAONHATOI to discover the living room designs below.

modern living room design

The first design focuses on the large sofa set in the center position. Chair gray sofa Ash is the perfect base to accentuate the color details above. Thanks to this gray color, the black-rimmed glass coffee table becomes magical. Behind is a canvas painting used to add art and color balance to the space.

apartment interior decoration

This living room is designed based on the background of modern Scandinavian style. Neat furniture and harmonious colors. There is not a single superfluous detail that makes the space cramped or cluttered. A beach lazy chair brings an interesting touch to this room.

modern living room design

In the middle of the other room is a fancy 3D geometric rug. Next to it is a black sofa and lounge chair that adds charm to the space. The opposing colors complement each other to create a complete living space.

modern living room design

If you are a lover of gray and black, you can refer to this design. This living room is designed with a modern electric fireplace area. So even though there are not too many colors, the space is still very cozy.

modern living room design

Next is a bold living room design industrial style. The sofa simulates the rocks in the hot dry desert. Fully furnished with fans, tea tables, electrical lines and plumbing all inspired by the factory. This is a living room model for those who love the freedom and freedom of design.

apartment furniture

This modern living room design is simple but very sophisticated. Do not press too much furniture to create an airy space. The room mainly uses muted colors to not be too bright and create harmony.

apartment interior decoration

A living room with striking yellow accents. The yellow details scattered throughout the space create a connection with each other. In addition, beige and white are used for the background, highlighting the other colors. The area is quite modest, so the space is listed with a decorative cabinet. The biggest plus point is the large window that helps the room receive natural light and ventilation.

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Above are some modern living room designs synthesized by MOIVAONHATOI. If you have a need to design and build a house, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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