Pink bedroom is probably the dream space of girly girls who love sweetness. This color exudes warmth and elegance with a variety of shades. If you are also passionate about this color, don't miss the models bedroom design Sweet below.

Continued from part 1: Sweet pink bedroom designs, easy to work with

pink bedroom design

It would be a pity if we don't use neon lights decorating bedrooms. Accessories such as neon signs, terrariums with giant cactus will help the bedroom become much more alive.

Classic interior design

If you still want a classic touch in your space, how about a plaster relief? The bas-relief with elaborate patterns makes the space more aristocratic.

pink bedroom design

This small bedroom has a dominant white color and pastel pink accents. With a rather modest area, the bed is designed to be raised and integrated with a wardrobe below. With this design, more functions of space have been exploited. The pink and white colors and the window next to the bed make the room bright and airy.

scandianvian style furniture

A bold bedroom design Scandinavian style is different. White walls, pink doors and sheets combine with other accessories. These details help the space to have a uniformity and a more seamless look.

pink bedroom design

The pink bedroom is like a princess's room for girls. The bed is designed in a royal style with a veil and a 4-poster bed. The side wall and pink chair will surely make the girls fall in love.

Classic interior design

The special feature of this room is the pink sky painted directly on the ceiling. The surrounding area is also installed with a lighting system that brings a beautiful effect. There's nothing better than lying on the bed and watching your own pink sky.

pink bedroom design

The nature-themed bedroom is painted pink to resemble a sunset. The surrounding gray color scheme is used to enhance the beauty of this wall. The natural picture does not have to be in neutral, blue or brown tones. Because pink makes this work of art more attractive than ever.

Nordic interior design

Thanks to the flower-shaped chandelier, this pink room becomes very feminine. The cabinet is neatly designed close to the wall with the pink bordered door which is also very attractive. Gray feather blankets make the space softer and more elegant.

pink bedroom design

The pink bedside table and wardrobe are designed like very rhythmic wave walls. This pink room brings youthful, bright thanks to the Terrazzo tile floor.

neoclassical interior design

Finally, a luxurious bedroom design with brick pink color. Start with the large bedside tab with the signature button design of the style neoclassical. Beds and chairs are upholstered with soft and smooth fleece. Tapestry with fancy geometric lines. All these details create a perfect pink room.

Above are the sweet bedroom designs synthesized by MOIVAONHAOI. If you have a need for interior design and construction, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.  

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