Today not only but the company has a large working area, but even small individual companies still attach great importance to aesthetics and workspace. Today moivaonhatoi would like to introduce to you the design template office furniture Beautiful small area of 100m2.

Architectural space beautiful small office 3d architecture

Architectural space 3d shows a panoramic interior space office The work provides an overview as well as the layout of furniture in the office.

Small company office logo beautiful

Entering the office, you can see a company logo designed in black modern font on a gray painted background, above with a yellow light to highlight. Simple but impressive.

office furniture and plaster ceiling, ceiling light

Panoramic view can see architect Very skillful in arranging the small office furniture and equipment to provide a wide open space.

The main office has a set of small tables and chairs, red iron walls - nice small office furniture

The office has two main rooms for the VIP, separated by a red ironwood panel that creates an impressive highlight. Above the ceiling is made entirely of plaster and the lights are designed with all the ceiling to bring a luxurious and modern space.

Meeting room with office furniture, ceiling air conditioner

The company's meeting room can accommodate 6-8 people with tables and chairs lined with milk mattresses and two orange chairs. As a meeting room with many people, an additional system of ceiling air-conditioner is installed to ensure ventilation and keep the room temperature stable.

bonsai pots, sunroof and industrial wooden cabinets

Inside the meeting room, there were a few pots of bonsai. Right above the architect is very delicate when he relied on the structure of the building to install a sunroof that brings a large amount of light.

office furniture, led lights, industrial wooden cabinets

The workspace of the staff is simply designed, the table and chairs are large enough for many people. In addition, there is an industrial wooden cabinet with a ceiling, the space in the middle has a long led strip behind the modern cabinet.

sofa set-nice small office furniture

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Living room, sofa set and window blinds

It can be seen that the company has a large number of visitors in and out so the office furniture is arranged very fully, especially there are quite a lot of sofas in the empty spaces, which effectively bring about the optimal area for office. room.

gray sofa set

In general, with a small office space can still be optimized with a space area and fully equipped with modern furniture, the design makes the inert space inspiring the work.

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