Shophouse is also known as commercial townhouse and is defined as a type of real estate that combines residential activities and commercial and business activities. There are usually two main types of shophouses and low-rise shophouses. In the case Vinhomes Ocean Park There are both types of this shophouse with many distinct advantages. However, in this article, MOIVAONHATOI only introduces specifically about low-rise shophouse.

Low-rise adjacent shophouse in Vinhomes Ocean Park

 low-rise shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

Low-rise shophouse is the most advanced type in the shophouse system in Vinhomes Ocean Park. Located at locations in Coral, Pearl and Sao Bien sub-areas. The areas are very well planned and built adjacent to the internal roads of the urban area.

Features of low-rise shophouse in Vinhomes Ocean Park

commercial townhouse design

The low-rise shophouse here is mainly built in the form of adjacent villas. The area of each apartment is about 60 - 121m2 with the frontage is about 5-8m2, the height is from 4-5 floors/apartment. This is a breakthrough product at Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam. These villas can both be used to live and do business like normal townhouses.

low-rise shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

Shophouses at Vinhomes Ocean Park have a larger area than regular shophouses. And located at the arterial locations in the area of 30m and 52m wide roads, where there is convenient traffic and densely populated.

Why should invest in commercial townhouses of Vinhomes Ocean Park?

project planning

Located in the great project of the coastal city - Vinhomes Ocean Park, which has a high population density, so it is very bustling. At the same time, it has a contiguous location and is close to provinces such as Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang ... This is a factor that helps increase the hotness of the Vinhomes Ocean Park project.

Located at the golden intersection of Gia Lam, it takes about 30 minutes to move to Noi Bai airport, and only a few minutes to cross Chuong Duong bridge, Vinh Tuy bridge, Thanh Tri bridge. Vinhomes Ocean Park holds a great advantage in traffic, bringing convenience in moving

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Considered an "Ocean district", this place has everything from commercial centers, entertainment, shopping, and other facilities such as education and healthcare.

With all these advantages, Vinhomes Ocean Park promises to be a golden place for shophouse investment. If you have a need to design and construct a shophouse, do not hesitate to contact MOIVAONHATOI immediately. We have experience in designing and constructing a series of shophoues projects here and are committed to bringing the most competitive prices in the market.

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