Brings a whole new family space at a glance and extremely economical cost with just a little change from wallpaper, you know? Today, will discover the model of the apartment decorated with wallpaper.

Layout of basic apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1 living space including kitchen, dining table, living room - wallpaper

Basic apartment has 2 bedrooms, 1 living space including kitchen, dining table, living room, interconnected balcony and a shared toilet to meet basic needs.

The living room overlooks the balcony. The walls are covered with fireproof wallpaper, wall murals

Living room space facing the balcony shows the outdoor landscape of green trees full of life. The walls are covered with fireproof wallpaper, combined with reasonable decor wall murals.

The living room has a large L-shaped sofa set and a small wooden tea table with black glass, decorative paintings, TV shelves

The open design of the unbroken area has continuous space, so the owner places a large L-shaped sofa and a small wooden tea table with glossy black glass with a bit of a classic look.

Small cabinet with a nice design - wallpaper

To continue the flow between the living areas, the owner has a small cupboard designed in the shape of quadrilateral and a few decorative rights to avoid gaps in the space.

Wooden dining table set for 4 people, above is a decorative art ceiling lamp, surrounded by wallpaper

The wooden dining table set for 4 people of neoclassical style painted in rustic black color is added to the dining area, the surrounding is also covered with wallpaper, right above is a decorative art ceiling lamp that provides guarantee Ensure full amount of light when used.

white cardboard kitchen, basic cookware like refrigerators, gas stoves, hoods, kitchen cabinets

Open the glass door and enter the kitchen, homeowners choose white tones for the entire kitchen space to feel clean, can see kitchen furniture is equipped with basic level just enough with appliances such as Fridges, gas stoves, cooker hoods and spacious kitchen cabinets provide a great storage space.

kitchen with balcony and washing machine with sink

Especially, the kitchen in this apartment is designed separately and has an adjacent balcony so it does not smell after using very well.


The main bedroom has a large double bed, which uses a peaceful blue mattress, a wardrobe with sliding doors

The main bedroom has a large double bed, which uses a peaceful blue pillow set. Near the door, there is a large wardrobe with dramatic walls with two smart sliding cabinet designs.

peaceful green curtain, covered with wallpaper, and decorative paintings

Homeowners have been very sophisticated in coordinating the color of the room, with the surrounding designed pale pastel wallpaper combined with the green of the mattress and large window blinds to create a pleasant relaxing space.

The balcony has lazy chairs, green pots, wooden floors and glass railings

Pulling out the window curtains is the balcony of the main bedroom with a lazy chair and bonsai pots behind, the balcony floor is covered with wood and the glass railing system, you can sit here and enjoy cafe Morning or read a book or also admire the dreamy view of the city.

The extra bedroom has a large bed, a long window running along the wall and a safety railing, pink curtain

Because it is a corner apartment, the second bedroom also has a large window.In order to ensure safety, there is an additional railing strip running along the wall.You can open the window to ensure the air convection for the apartment. .

wallpaper, sliding door wardrobe, large bed

The interior is also arranged as the main bedroom with a large bed, sliding door wardrobe and Korean wallpaper, all of which meet the basic needs and full amenities for the apartment.

black and white bathrooms are clean, fully sanitary and equipped with glass cabinets and glass shower walls

Overview of the apartment with a minimalist interior design that fully meets the basic living needs and amenities, using the idea to decorate to renovate the apartment to save money extremely effectively and bring high aesthetic value.

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