White color is always the preferred choice of many people because of its elegance and taste. Follow in the footsteps of MOIVAONHATOI to discover the unique features of a two-bedroom apartment decorated with white tones.

Interior decoration of living room – kitchen of the apartment

Interior decoration of a two-bedroom apartment

The addition of wooden details and green accents create an airy and fresh feel to the apartment. The stylish ceiling fan mounted on the ceiling is the main attraction upon entering. Sofas and woven rugs are used to make the space softer and warmer.

living room interior decoration

For a luxurious apartment, homeowners should choose to decorate some furniture with stone surfaces. A table with a marble top will give the seating area a more polished look. And to avoid boredom, the addition of drawings on the wall is very necessary.

living room two bedroom apartment

Next to the seating area is a small tent as a play place for children.

the entrance to the apartment

The storage space is integrated with the decorative bookcase. For convenience when going out, there is a beautiful mirror at the entrance. Mirrors are an indispensable piece of decorative furniture in any space. In addition to the illuminating effect, it will be considered a decoration to help the wall be less empty.

Design of the living room overlooking the kitchen

The connection structure of the wall with the kitchen island is also very unique and creative. A row of trees with cute, neat white fence posts.

Interior decoration of the apartment's kitchen

From the living room is connected to the kitchen area through the dining table.

dining room interior decoration

With a white apartment, using dark furniture will be the perfect decoration choice. A set of dark wood dining chairs stands out against the white background of the space, creating an important highlight.

Interior decoration of the kitchen in the apartment

The kitchen is designed in a gentle mint green color, in harmony with the space.

Bedroom interior design

master bedroom interior decoration

Inside the main bedroom of the apartment, neutral colored furniture is used for more decoration. A comfortable king-size bed is placed in the center of the room.

bedroom interior design

The wardrobe is ordered separately with durable slats and soft edges.

bedroom furniture

Similar to the design of the wardrobe, the TV shelf and dressing table are also rounded. A unique stool and mirror bring this area to life.

toilet furniture

All decorative furniture in the apartment has an absolute unity. When entering the bathroom of the master bedroom, you can also feel this. The storage cabinet is integrated with a modern, convenient and neat mirror.

Interior decoration of the extra bedroom in the apartment

When you come to the extra bedroom, you can notice the sharpness and sharpness. However, the fabrics have made the space smoother.

extra bedroom

The gentle gray and brown colors combine to create a feeling of warmth and smoothness. A suspended bamboo bookshelf creates an interesting focal point inside the bedroom.

extra bedroom bathroom

The bathroom of the extra bedroom is okay tile terazzo stone makes the space bright even without windows.

Decorating the house for the apartment

logistic design

The loggia area was converted into a laundry area and optimized vertically.

House decoration

The opposite corner is a small green garden for the owner to have a relaxing space.

Above is an elegant white-tone interior design for a two-bedroom apartment. Hope the article will help you.

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