Neoclassical interior design style is one of the favorite choices of cafes. Neoclassical design style brings a nostalgic, ancient but equally exquisite space. Let moivaonhatoi learn one coffee shop Beautifully neoclassical interior design style.

Layout of the beautiful cafe architecture

Overview of the shop architecture cafe nice: layout of a spacious commuter corridor, a bar and a shared wc.

decorating brick walls and paintings, classic tables and chairs and having decor lights on the ceiling - nice cafe

The main entrance uses a large glass to let the sunlight in, the ceiling is painted all gray and has nice decor lights along with classic furniture, creating a beautiful space for sipping coffee, welding. Huyen with friends.

Art deco painting on the wall of a beautiful cafe

The wall is adorned with "POP art" paintings, with grainy images and coffee cups, some of which are somewhat old-fashioned, bringing a sense of nostalgia to the shop.

brick walls combined with small greenery, classic furniture

Red brick culture has emerged in the bustling reception area, showing Western elegance. The shape of the red brick above the arch design, decorated with trees, unintentionally exudes elegance over the years.

cupboard open design furniture

The open-design closet is decorated with small decor such as books, pots, bottles of wine and especially pure coffee packages to make the whole space full of attractive coffee aroma.

Decorate the wall with the menu of the restaurant

Quite clever when decorating the walls with the restaurant's typical menu, the design uses a large black background to describe a variety of stylish snacks and coffee.

The bar of beautiful cafe

The hanging cabinets in the bar of the bar are extremely vividly decorated, the exterior is covered with diamond-shaped geometric tiles surrounding the operating area, creating a visual highlight for the space.

The bar uses art glass chandeliers

The bar uses modern stylized glass chandeliers, making the space become rich to highlight the atmosphere of the cafe.


Modern toilets have touch mirrors

Different from the classic look of the toilet cafe using bright colors and plaster ceiling with recessed ceiling lights and especially with a very modern touch mirror system.

Classic tables and chairs and decorative brick walls

Overview beautiful cafe with interior design in the neoclassical direction combined with decorative elements with nostalgic and modern elements that make the space as tinted with time.

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