Large companies usually have space office working large with a large number of employees, so the question is how to design and construct office furniture beautiful and optimal? Please join us in the office sample below.

nice modern architecture 2d and 3d office space

Architectural plans 2d and 3d give an overview of the layout as well as office interior equipment.

tempered glass doors with hydraulic hinges and automatic heat induction system of modern beautiful office

The main door of the office uses tempered glass doors with hydraulic door hinges and automatic induction heat system. On the left is the company logo with the words led to eye-catching decoration.

The front desk was set with a set of round office tables and chairs with LED lights, black curved letters printed on prominent gold background

The front desk has a set of tables office chair The working computer above is a decorative ceiling lamp in the shape of a sentence with led strips providing light for the room, behind is a large company name with black text printed on a very prominent yellow background.

rock with furniture with industrial wooden cabinets and eye-catching decorative ceiling lights

Staff lockers are placed on a long wooden cabinet, painted in yellow, on the ceiling is an eye-catching decorative ceiling light system.

Three sets of round tables and chairs have separate walls to create a private space

The central area of the office is also where the reception is arranged three sets of large round tables and chairs surrounded by a small wall layer around to create a private space like a miniature room for customers above are three circular ceiling lights. Large provides adequate amount of light for beautiful modern offices

spacious corporate corridor, blue painted plastic folding doors to separate the space

The commuter hallway of the office is quite spacious with the use of blue plastic folding doors to separate the comfortable space.


Meeting room with white tones mainly with luxurious office furniture - beautiful modern office

The company's meeting room has an opening to the outside, the main white color, the main record, the top is a hemispherical led light that appears throughout the company, creating an impressive highlight.

The working area is spacious, with modern office chairs and tables with headrests, above are led lights

The staff's work area is also spaciously designed with modern office furniture with standard form mesh chairs with headrests to ensure the quality of staff health.

The ceiling is made of PVC rods that cover the original rough ceiling of the building

Above instead of making the entire plaster costly then architect Using PVC bars to partially conceal the original rough ceiling, this is invisible in general creating a very high aesthetic.

Another view of the office full of light and smart interior layout brings spacious space - beautiful modern office

In general, the company with a spacious area and suitable scientific interior layout has created a beautiful modern office, contributing to effective work.

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