Building cost-effective houses is an urgent need for many families today. To be able to save money when building a house, the use of raw materials, cheap as: concrete, is something to be noted. Typically for building cost-effective houses with concrete materials is the apartment below.

Design drawings of apartments to save costs when building

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, this 110 square meter house is designed for a young couple with young children. It includes: living room, kitchen, dining room, zone work, master bedroom, children's bedroom, main bathroom, private bathroom for kids, ironing room, and 2 large balconies.

Cost-effective construction of buildings is shown in concrete materials applied on ceilings and walls

The cost-effective construction is shown first: the ceiling-to-wall clusters of the house are made of solid cardboard blocks. Combined with that is the white porcelain floor tiles which are instant molded to create a space both rustic and modern.

Bookshelves cover the concrete walls of the apartment

As a family who love reading, as well as having fun collecting small items, the walls of cement walls are white painted wooden bookshelves designed with high ceilings, including many compartments. Especially, there is an empty space for a recliner chair in the living room with light gray soft cloth. Combined with it is a small stainless steel overflow table that is also painted white, and a cylinder block of plaster to replace the seat. This space is both for receiving guests and reading books.

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The balcony has a floor covered by meatwood with a view of the lush garden

Near the living room is a lounge chair with a very unique design, carrying pink, brown, and orange tones full of art. The indoor space is always bright thanks to natural light through the sliding doors of black steel frame made of tempered glass. In particular, behind the glass door is a balcony with a floor covered by solid wood, overlooking the lush garden.

Block toilet for children with a very unique design, convenient

The most prominent in this space can include the separate toilet for children surrounded by industrial wood. This room is located in the middle of the living space so it is like a lovely small island. What is special is that the outer wall of the room has a large drawers, with cushioned shelf space, and the top has an illuminated tube connected from the ceiling. This is a place where mom and baby can sit and play and talk to each other.

Smart working corner in the house is built to save costs

Small workspace is also very convenient, and smart. The white painted wooden desk set in the corner of the room is connected to the bookshelves around the wall, creating a larger workspace than ever. From the ceiling between the overhead ceiling and the painted concrete ceiling, there is a ventilation system which is a reflector system to illuminate the work area.

The hanging tube lights are installed on the concrete ceiling of the house to save money

Since capital construction is cost-effective, and using ceilings with concrete materials, the architectures do not use modern, expensive buffalo-eye-ceiling lamps like other luxury houses. Instead, tube lights extended from the ceiling. In particular, the light cord on the 2 sides, high side, low side makes the lamp have an interesting inclination. This lamp design is both cost-effective when building a house, while highlighting the impressive industrial style.

The kitchen area has a floor made of stainless steel

The kitchen area is especially clean with a stainless steel floor.

Kitchen with kitchen cabinets and island tables style industrial

The bar is also made of sturdy stainless steel material, which bears this industrial style.

Bar integrated sink convenient

The bar is also integrated with a convenient sink. The kitchen cupboard behind is also very special. Next to the cupboard is the wooden shelves surrounding the familiar home to store kitchen utensils, or necessary spices.

Wooden cabinets in the house's kitchen are built in a cost-effective manner

Mixing with stainless steel flooring in the kitchen is a microwave and dishwasher with a shell made of this material. These appliances are placed in the drawers of wooden cabinets.

Doors lead to the bedroom

Behind the cubicle for children, and right next to the desk there is a white door leading to the bedroom.

The characteristic of cost-effective construction is shown again in the bedroom through the concrete ceiling style

In the bedroom, we still see the characteristics of cost-effective construction through the familiar concrete ceiling style. The bedroom is located right next to another balcony of the house. From this room one can look straight out into the outer space thanks to the toughened glass door.

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Wooden sliding doors to separate the bedroom from the dressing room and the bathroom

Wooden sliding door system is the place to divide the bedroom with the dressing room, and the toilet.

Toilets are also flooded with concrete tones

Restrooms are also flooded with concrete tones of the walls, the shelves are typical symbols of cost-effective construction. The lavabo cabinet with 2 cabinets has a rough design, very simple and convenient.

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