Sometimes the stairs will be quite dull. However, not too many people pay attention to it. And that's why we got the idea to design indoor slides. These slides will make the house more interesting and a great place for the kids to play. Let's take a look at some unique ideas for slides with MOIVAONHATOI.

Indoor slide for kids

If your home's stairs have a large area, you can make a small slide next to it. The slope and shape of the stairs will help children play safely.

spiral slide

A spiral staircase is the perfect design to install an indoor slide. What could be better than having a place to play and creating soft, elegant lines for the house.

tubular slide

In addition to open slides, you can get creative with the idea of a tubular indoor slide. Like an amazing adventure in your own home.

Slide with bunk bed

Combine the indoor slide with the stairs leading to the baby's bunk bed. Will the baby voluntarily wake up early and slide down the road to go to school?

the idea of slider combined with bookshelves

The normal reading room will be very difficult to attract the little ones. But what if you combine a bookshelf with a slide? This will be an interesting combination for the reading space and attract the little ones to this area.

The idea of designing an indoor slide is really interesting, but consider the slope and space to land. The kids will be in danger if the slide is too steep and they will slide too fast. MOIVAONHATOI hopes the article will help you find the right design for the stairs of your house.

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