Living space has living room design and adjacent kitchens are very popular. This design keeps the house connected and has the necessary ventilation for the house. If you have a small space, then immediately refer to the design tips below.

1. Use rugs to create zones

design ideas for small house

The easiest way to connect furniture is to use rugs. Carpet also acts as a boundary area, dividing different spaces. Thanks to this division, you can still determine where "living room" and "kitchen" are. Look for carpets with patterns and colors that match the main design style of the house.

2. Use paint colors to divide the area

Using different paint colors is also a great idea for a small house. Blue for the wall in the living area and white for the kitchen and connected by potted plants. In two different corners, your house is like two completely separate spaces. Choose paint colors with high contrast to make the space more vivid.

3. Small house ideas with kitchen island

living room with kitchen

To save spaceInstead of a dining table, you can design a kitchen island. Kitchen island tables that integrate multiple functions such as cabinets, sinks, and dining tables are very suitable for small kitchens.

4. Ideas for using monochromatic gamut

design ideas for small house

Not everyone wants a lot of color in the space. In particular, minimalists will love these monochrome tones. You can use a single color scheme for the entire house for absolute unity. Colors such as gray, gray, and beige are the most popular colors in modern times. Mixing other shades of color will give the space depth without being gaudy.

5. Small house light division ideas

decorate the living room

The best way to make your small home feel bigger is to divide the light properly. Proper lighting planning for use in open spaces is a very important part. You do not have to light every corner of the house, partitions with different light intensities make the space much better. Focus the light on the necessary areas such as the dining table, the cooking area, .. to create accents.

6. Minimize clutter

Minimizing clutter is the most common issue in small home design ideas. The less space you have, the less furniture the better. Use multi-functional furniture to minimize bulky furniture.

Above are 6 tips for designing adjacent living room and kitchen space for small houses. MOIVAONHATOI hope that the article will be helpful to you.

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