Phòng đọc sách – một không gian hoàn hảo cho những ai yêu thích không gian riêng yêu thích việc đọc sách và làm việc. Chìm đắm trong những cuốn sách yêu thích, thưởng thức những tách cafe To be fragrant and enjoy the relaxation after a long time of work is the dream of book fanatics. Therefore, MOIVAONHATOI has synthesized impressive reading room designs for you, a comfortable design space and appreciation of intellectual values.

open space in design

If your home has a large space, the design of the reading room is even more convenient and effective. Therefore, it can be seen that the book rooms in villas are often more impressive than those in townhouses. This is a common design style that helps people's mood become more comfortable, more relaxed in focusing on studying books, immersing in a large space.

In general, in this architectural style, the tempered glass wall is the most effective assistant, helping the space in the room become brighter and less pressing, being enlarged to receive as much natural light as possible. With the landscape looking outside is one of the foundation to create ventilation and help you have a more active energy source.

natural light

This will be a suitable space for those who love and receive natural light, do not like to be dependent on light too much.

Reading needs to have the necessary amount of light to help you feel more excited, this will be the ideal place to receive all light with a certain concentration. The design of large glass doors or glass walls to connect the two spaces and get light effectively.

The best location for the reading room is where it can be directly exposed to nature, such as near the balcony, terrace, where there is a door or window for light. It can be the space near the window, under the stairs, etc. The arrangement of a reading corner near the window also has a great advantage that is a source of energy. natural light cornucopia.

make use of the space

Also you can break the way with unique ideas. Depending on your home space, you can choose the right reading area. Especially with small spaces, make the most of the area. Living space will become much more comfortable and perfect.

If you want to design a reading room in combination with a bookshelf, or simply a reading room with a smooth sofa, this idea will be very useful for you.

With this space, you can both save space and receive sunlight from the outside to make your reading more comfortable and comfortable.

combine the reading room with the living room

The reading room combined with the impression reading room, this will be the place where you can drop your interior decorations to suit the style that you pursue. The choice of space filled with white helps the room become more modern and luxurious than ever.

Những kệ sách lớn là thiết kế phá cách cho tường phòng, đem đến sự sinh động cho không gian nơi đây. Đây sẽ là điểm đáng chú ý khi lựa chọn những mẫu nội thất phù hợp và diện tích của căn phòng. Ngoài việc sử dụng đèn trần các bạn nên trang trí cho phòng sách I have two lamps at either end of the bench to be able to provide enough light. And of course, to store books, there must be bookshelves. Choose the shelves that can hold the most books and save space.

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