Things to know when designing indoor pool swimming pools - outdoor swimming pools

Bằng lợi thế về không gian diện tích rộng cùng sự sáng tạo, tận dụng ngoại cảnh một cách tối đa, các kiến trúc sư thiết kế ra những mẫu bể bơi mini trong nhà – ngoài trời, không gian thư giãn, tập luyện tuyệt vời cho gia đình, giúp mọi người nâng cao sức khỏe và biến ngôi nhà trở nên đẳng cấp và tiện nghi sống cao hơn.

Design a private pool for Villa to create privacy:

designing mini indoor swimming pool

The first is a mini swimming pool designed to be self-contained indoors, connecting to the living room and separated by a large glass door, creating a beautiful view with a wider view to the living room, while bringing shimmering lights. down the tank, there is also a path stairs the link between the 1st floor and 2nd floor of the house.

Design villa swimming pool With a large garden like swimming among nature:

Things to know when designing an indoor swimming pool - outdoor swimming pool

Next is the outdoor swimming pool suitable for large garden houses or villas, uniquely designed to take advantage of the high - low stratification between the grass together to bring an interesting, strange feeling. eyes while immersed in the tank.

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Pool design with large area and glass wall opening to the garden:

designing mini indoor swimming pool

Just like the indoor swimming pool above, but the light in this model is brought from two sides, one side from a flexible roll curtain that can be adjusted to the light easily, the other is glass. It allows us to unleash our views into nature. The pool is simply designed in a long rectangle especially suitable for exercise over the relaxation of the swimming pools with curved curves.

An indoor swimming pool is designed with a glass ceiling that brings natural light while still being very private:

designing mini indoor swimming pool

The unique feature of this pool is that it is designed and built indoors, but it is really close to nature like other outdoor swimming pools, surrounded by wooden panels that just help. Circulates the air perfectly to the outside while giving us a private space just enough. Light coming in from the large glass panels above the ceiling not only makes it possible to sunbathe, but also makes the swimming pool cleaner and more airy.

With this large space is enough to design a space cafe, entertainment or more space is possible Luxury interior restaurant design template

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