Fast food restaurant interior


Address: Ilike, No. 1, Ngo Tram, Hanoi

Acreage: 45m2

Cost of construction: 180 million

Construction time: 25 days

— 2013 —


Restaurant interior design cafe Fast food I Like in a modern style, with photos taken after the construction is more beautiful than the design, using plaster ceilings, outstanding lighting, wooden furniture, wall mirrors ...

Restaurant design - overall premises:

Fast food restaurant interior

The store is designed with an outside bar with the meaning of "food, service" as the core. In addition, the outside bar also creates a beautiful interior space, a dining atmosphere for the restaurant.

Sea frontage Current status and construction process of the restaurant:

Fast food restaurant interior

Style and color characteristics of store design This is wood cladding. This material brings new and different colors. I Like logo design with leaves is also very prominent and suits the wooden sea background.

Wooden boards are less used by the high cost (twice the aluminum), require careful waterproofing treatment, but create strikingly impressive effects right from the outside. This is a type of wood made of natural wooden bars assembled, between the joints with coupling against flipping. The surface of PU painted wood is moisture-proof.

Front of the restaurant after the completion:

Fast food restaurant interior

The dishes of the restaurant mainly have natural materials such as flowers, fruits, suitable for the interior of the restaurant with wood colors from the outside to the inside.

View from the outside - 3D perspective and Present situation:

The view from outside the door - the process of construction of rough and interior:

Interior photos are taken step by step from the rough construction process, running electric lines to the installation of furniture, glass.

View from the outside of the snack restaurant, after completing the interior:

Fast food restaurant interior

With a moderate frontage area (3.5m), re-arranged the bar, but placing the high tables and chairs on the right still does not feel tight and uncomfortable for guests, by the mirror wall tiles. The mirror is cut in a square shape, beveled into the edges, making the restaurant's light more sparkling and the interior is modern and new.

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Construction process from inside:

Fast food restaurant interior

After finishing the fast food restaurant interior:

Fast food restaurant interior

The billboards on both sides of the wall are printed with the restaurant's typical dishes, with eye-catching decorations, making diners unable to be curious to order more.

3D drawing and interior construction process of fast food restaurant:

The construction teams rushed to complete the work in 25 days.

Website moivaonhatoi always brings the most realistic images of interior design and construction. You can click on the image to enlarge to 2250 x 1500 pixels

Fast-food restaurant interior after construction completed:

Fast food restaurant interior

The plaster ceiling design is simply emphasized in the bar area. The simple design fits and adorns the furniture, the underlay panels, but still impresses by the bright ceiling plaster ceiling.

Checkered mirror array:

Fast food restaurant interior

From this perspective, we can see the effect of the mirror array is very clear. It reflects the image, making the restaurant space no longer limited by the walls.

Exemplary staff:


Beautiful restaurants, delicious food, and beautiful staff, the sum of beauty is gathered in one place: No. 1 Ngo Tram. However, this is just the staff with the most normal appearance in the restaurant ...

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