renovating collective houses


Address: 31 Thi Sach - Hanoi

Acreage: 65m2

Cost of construction: 218 million

— 2012 —


Hearing from the "Collective House" - people are too familiar, imagine the narrow space, moldy walls, nature of temporary and not beautiful. But on the floor of that house, if designed and repaired, it was completely different.

The first is to break down the wall of a dormitory:

As well as the ground as an apartment, but the collective house was designed from the 50 - 60 years of the last century so it is often small, not airy.

Breaking the walls helps the room inside which does not have direct sunlight to become more airy. When you go into the house, you will find a large, airy space (to bring more wind and light into the house and also a key point to make the house beautiful).

Dormitory in the renovation process:

When the renovation process is completed - The interior of the guest room is colorful:

colorful house construction renovation of dorms

For a dormitory's interior, because of the low ceiling, and because of the narrow space, it is not possible to bring as many plaster details or wooden wall on the wall as the apartment design. Therefore, the main choice to beautify the house is colorful paint.

Entering the beautiful living room, we have a feeling of freshness, freshness, blowing away the sluggish, humid thoughts of the dormitory, which visitors have just felt when walking through the stairs of the house

Continue breaking - Punching, creating a bar, connecting the interior of the living room and kitchen (without affecting the structure, because this is a reinforced concrete wall):

To complete the living room more beautiful:

The living room has been completed construction and renovation of dormitories

Do not make gypsum ceiling, but the lighting system for decorating the living room is still very beautiful, thanks to the installation of butter tubes with ceiling tiles. Wires sunk into the ceiling is also a difficult stage for a concrete house to be assembled. "Renovating collective homes"

Nice bedroom - A corner of the bed - Before and after renovating a dormitory:

The traditional green of Vietnamese construction from the war, to the splendid colors of youth, of the era is only one paint bucket decorated the bedroom, but it makes the beautiful bedroom cozy required. And this is also the main room of the house ... where we will be 2/3 of the time of life.

Toilets designed according to 5-star hotel standards "renovating dormitories":

And hygiene is just a few parts of life, this probably depends on health as well. But anyway, we will turn the toilet of the dormitory into the restroom of a resort, where it has a glass wall facing the garden ... 

Interior materials create a sense of closeness to nature:

materials, interiors close to nature, constructing collective houses

Bathrooms are designed in harmony with nature. Steps paved with gravel, stone wall tiles, towel racks from bamboo, and most importantly light from the balcony, where a lot of trees are arranged.

This is also a highlight of this "collective house". It is different from the traditional architecture when the bathroom has only 1 tiny glass shutters and a whirling blower ... "renovating the dormitory"

Colors like this, who said this is a renovated collective house?

See more about renovating old houses: Old town house design Hang Trong area is small and crowded with users

Bedroom furniture is beautiful and colorful:

The bedroom has impressive colors to renovate the dormitory

Blowing soul for the house with only ... 2 boxes of paint (yellow and red) "collective house renovation"

The wall panel with TV hanging on the wall is the highlight to decorate the living room:

Brick segment makes no longer feel like a Dormitory, perhaps more like a garden house:

Living room interior decorated by ceiling tiles. "Collective housing renovation"

Also agreed that the whole house is integrated with nature. WC is paved with gravel and airy, the balcony has many trees, and this living room is covered with rustic ceramic tiles.

Rustic but close, looking like the fence in the alley every time you go home.

renovating collective houses

Breaking partitions (behind bookshelves), creating larger kitchens:

To create the Bar:

renovating kitchen, adding bars to renovate collective houses

"A dormitory" and a "bar"? Are you going to stand out more than a villa? not yet, there is a lot of space, lots of "corners to play" in this house! "Renovating collective homes"

See a sample of wooden bars separating the kitchen and living room often found in an apartment building: Viet Hung apartment design

The warehouse turned into a reading space on the balcony:

Lying on this shelf to mingle with nature or sit down is up to you to "renovate a dorm".

After finishing the design of this house, whenever I think about it, Tuan feels satisfied, and I also want to see the photos back to the building to sit back in each space, feel the soul of the work I have blown into it.

Pictures of balconies - Tiger cages for renovating collective houses:

The tiger stall extended, creating a corridor, like a garden shed. Garden houses often have corridors, decorations, and air conditioners - a stepping stone between the 2 environments IN and OUT

As a dormitory, it is still small. So although not as Design of 2-storey garden villa Country corner in the heart of Hanoi, but this house also has ... its own corner.

Country corner of the "collective garden house":

Above is a photo of the building when it is still in use. Hopefully, in a few months, the trees will grow green and the house will become more beautiful. "Collective housing renovation"

Overview of 31 Thi Sach apartment building:

renovating collective houses

And you all know who is the most beautiful house in this area! Let's continue the journey with moivaonhatoi.com to read more the most beautiful houses !!!


6WOOD FLOOR18 million
7WALL PAINT15 million
TOTALVND 218 million

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