• Project: House No. 17, Lane 82 Yen Lang
  • Style: minimalistic, modern, comfortable

As the human's material and spiritual life is increasingly enhanced, the demand for townhouse design đặc biệt là thiết kế và Interior cho không gian sống ngày càng được quan tâm hơn trước.

Owning a 5-storey townhouse in Yen Lang, Mr. Duc wants to perfect the space townhouse furniture beautiful in a minimalist, modern style to bring a beautiful, comfortable, functional and airy space. Let's see how MOIVAONHATOI's architects use colors, materials and reasonable design options for Mr. Duc's house!

1st floor interior design - for a quiet townhouse

the design of the first floor of Yen Lang street house

The first floor is the parking place, the bass light system helps to provide the light here is always airy and bright.

2nd floor interior design - a quiet living room in the kitchen

interior design on the 2nd floor of Yen Lang street house

Overall view from the top down, the floor is divided into 2 parts: living room and dining room. Two individually designed spaces provide the most comfortable living space for the family. The meticulousness in the selection of neutral color interiors has brought a minimalist but modern and luxurious space here.

living room

interior design of the living room of Yen Lang townhouse

The living room is the common living place of the whole family, so the design is airy and most comfortable. Choosing a dark gray L-shaped sofa, a simple wooden box-shaped tea table and a soft carpet has brought a minimalistic space but is very soft and cozy. The neutral interior option is a perfect choice for a modern look. The design of airy windows and the glass door system creates an open space to make the room more airy and bright.

interior design of the living room of Yen Lang townhouse

Using a multi-purpose shelf with a TV shelf extends the living comfort. Moreover, using the wood grain patterned wall background is both an accent, and helps the room to be more modern. The bass light system and the unique minimalist ceiling light provide full light for the common family activities.


design kitchen of Yen Lang street

Sử dụng gam màu trắng làm chủ đạo, cùng việc lựa chọn nội thất tối giản nhưng đầy đủ công năng đã làm cho không gian kitchen trở nên thoáng đãng. Kệ bếp trắng hình chữ L cùng tủ bếp kịch trần giúp tối ưu hóa diện tích. Nhỏ gọn nhưng thoáng đãng, tiện nghi. Đây chắc chắn là một nơi yêu thích của chị em trổ tài nấu nướng bày tỏ niềm yêu thương với người thân và gia đình.

interior design on the 3rd floor - master bedroom of a quiet townhouse

interior design on the 3rd floor of Yen Lang street house

Bedroom master là phòng ngủ chính và thường là phòng ngủ của gia chủ nên sẽ có được sự đầu tư nhất định trong việc interior design để tạo một không gian thoải mái và năng lượng nhất. Thiết kế phòng vệ sinh khép kín là là lựa chọn hàng đầu để tạo không gian sinh hoạt tiện nghi nhất.

master bedroom

design master bedroom of Yen Lang street house

With the choice of beige white as the main color, the room becomes brighter and more spacious and airy than ever.

design master bedroom of Yen Lang street house

A highlight of the room is the bed carpet with velvet materials, creating softness and being a highlight to help the room to reduce boredom.

Furthermore, the bed with industrial wood material combined with large bed cabinets, giving you more space to store your belongings, maximizing space for your room. From now on, you will not have to think about where to handle the backup blanket, gas, pillow, etc.

design master bedroom of Yen Lang street house

The simple design desk is placed by the window to create the most comfortable and airy working space for the owner.


the restroom of Yen Lang townhouse

Compact design of toilet with the use of floor tiles, black and white streaked white wall tiles, small toilet models, and standing tempered glass shower walls create the most comfortable living space. The light used are two types of white light for almost the entire space and a small yellow light spot in the washbasin area.

interior design on 4th floor - bedroom of a quiet townhouse

the design of the 4th floor of Yen Lang street house

Overall, the child's bedroom uses light gray colors, simple but fully functional interior options help the space here more airy and comfortable.

interior design of bedroom for children of Yen Lang street house

Bright white painted wall background, high-grade industrial wood background opens up to an airy and comfortable living space. Use multi-purpose wooden furniture: beds, wardrobes, shelves increase modernity, comfort for the room. Placing the bed next to the window creates a comfortable resting space with the most natural light.

designing bedroom for Yen Lang street house

Adding picturesque decorations and unique motifs are both a highlight and make the room more lively and impressive. Large wooden shelves with high wall and wall combined with multi-compartment bookshelves, optimizing the area, both comfortable and modern.

designing bedroom for Yen Lang street house

The simple multi-purpose desk near the window is a space for children to freely study and create.

to design toilets for Yen Lang townhouses

The bathroom is designed so that it is minimalistic but airy and fully equipped with the most amenities. With the main white color, the space here is more airy and comfortable.

to design toilets for Yen Lang townhouses

The lighting system and windows help provide adequate light for the room.

5th floor interior design - quiet town church room

interior design of the church room of Yen Lang street

Altar is the most solemn, solemn place. To have a solemn worship space, besides choosing the right decorative furniture, it requires you to have a reasonable layout and arrangement. Selecting luxurious wood materials and patterned carpets make the space here solemn. Placing a worship room on the 5th floor is a sign of solemnity and solemnity.

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