Cedar wood is considered unique with great uses such as: killing bacteria / viruses, helping to refresh the spirit, the aroma of wood also helps detoxify, circulate blood. What if cedar wood is used to build houses? Let's see the apartment with MOIVAONHATOI now Garden villas Built by cedar wood below.

Located in Montauq, New York, this 787m² garden villa is designed for families who want to escape the chaos of the city to enjoy a relaxing life.

Representing the famous tourist resorts in Montagna Wookeu located in eastern New York, this home garden villa has a solid exterior architecture with a metal roof made of galvanized steel, painted in bright gray powder. modern, luxurious. The wall is completely covered with gray cedar wood, creating a rustic, but peaceful feeling. This villa is a combination of houses with large green garden.

The inside of the house is always bright and airy thanks to a system of large glass sliding doors with black steel frames, overlooking the garden and the large lake. In addition, the indoor space is also covered by ceilings and walls made of white powder coated corrugated iron. As a result, the indoor space is more luxurious and more elegant.

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Blending with that is the clean white ceramic tile floor. The living room is fully equipped with a white cream fabric sofa, 2 charming blue wooden leggings, and a beige sofa with garden and lake views. In addition, there is a low tea table made of wood painted white, with a built-in fireplace made of cedar wood. The cedar wood fireplace, every time you burn the wood inside, will emit a gentle scent to help you feel more at ease.

The ceiling is not flat, but to bevel in the shape of the roof. The corrugated iron ceiling also includes many supporting steel shafts to create the solidity. And for greater certainty, the two sides of the steel shaft are connected by a high strength cross bar. The bulb system has a white aluminum frame, designed diagonally to the sides for maximum illumination of the space.

That kind of corrugated iron ceiling is throughout the entire house made of cedar wood. Moving to the kitchen and dining room, we also find an artistic design. The wooden dining table is stretched, enough for a giant to use. Surrounded are plastic chairs with wooden legs with different colors such as cream, brown gray, blue, gray.

The kitchen system is both modern and simple. The kitchen is a complex of kitchen cabinets made of white glass aluminum. Dishes, dishes and utensils are stored on wooden wall shelves, or high toilets. In particular, this space has its own large square-framed chandeliers, covering all of the island for maximum lighting.

Going to the bedroom, the floor and the bed are made of wood, creating a cozy feeling. A solid wooden pedestal is placed in the middle of the room to make a wall for the sleeping part, and at the same time mistakenly divides the wall with the bathroom.

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After that wooden wall, the wood is extended to make the ceiling for the lavabo. Lavabo long has 2 faucets made of luxurious white porcelain. Mirror wall is tiled with clean white enamel tiles. The bath tub is also made of white porcelain placed next to the window with a vertical frame of black steel, overlooking the lake.

Another house in this garden villa also has a tiled outside wall covered with cedar wood in golden brown tones. Next to this house is a green garden, with a spacious swimming pool.

From the open living space of the house, you can see the large lake. This is such a poetic, peaceful scene that makes us feel refreshed after stressful working hours.

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The interior of this house is smaller than the other, but it is also full of convenience. The kitchen cabinet is just a series of 1-storey cabinets with drawers, placed on 2 stainless steel legs. Where to the kitchen tools It's just a small shelf next to the small window.

Next to the pool is a small hut which is also made entirely of cedar wood. Here, there are a set of wooden sofas with white fabric cushioning for owners to relax after swimming.

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