2-storey villa with architecture New ClassicsThai roof is always a great choice in terms of aesthetics, function and not out of fashion. Why? I invite you to visit such a villa with me…The process of designing and constructing a neoclassical villa


Address: Dien Bien Province

Acreage: 100m2 x 2.5 floors

Construction time: 6 months

Cost of construction: 1.5 billion

— 2019 – 2020 —


2019-2020, Invite Into My House, I had the opportunity to design and construct a 100m2 x 2.5-storey villa in a small district of Dien Bien Province. Although it is a small district, the owner has a very good orientation, must hire an architect, so that for the same amount of money, a beautiful design will create the greatest value for the house.

outside image of neoclassical 2-storey villa:

The villa has not been completed, but is much more prominent than the neighboring houses. After this bright white paint, installing complete door sets, will certainly be the highlight of the whole neighborhood.

Thanks to the design of the connecting block from the first floor to the second floor, the house has a large, solid appearance, though small (only 2 floors) but makes people have to look up.

Image of step by step villa construction:

The main highlight of the front of the house is the 2 round columns that run from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. This is also the most difficult point of construction, because there is no suitable type of diameter reinforced phase, however, we have completed It with high precision.

In order to execute these 2 columns, the MV uses thin corrugated iron to wrap around the pillar as formwork. After removing the sheet, the surface of the column was flat and beautiful as if it was plastered.

Villa construction process of another perspective:

Neoclassical architecture has decorative burrs, costly for workers and time, but brings sustainable beauty, not outdated after time.

Note, these Neoclassical mansion This wall covering, the most beautiful paint color is the simple colors, the simpler the better, in this case the White Wall, Black Roof. If only the paint color changes to yellow, or even mixed colors, the construction effort and embellishment will become outdated, not exuding its beauty.

Villa design ground drawing:

Perspective drawing of exterior villa:

3d villa interior design:

Exterior of 2-storey neoclassical villa for everyone to see, the interior is for homeowners to use, and to welcome guests.

The back of the sofa is decorated with reflective, square mirrors, creating a large space, the grinding edges of the glitter mirror combined with the crystal chandelier, bringing luxury to the living room interior.

Besides the synchronized neoclassical tables and chairs, classic fireplaces decorated with round wooden slices. All decoration details are simple and easy to make, but they bring a luxurious living space with luxurious features, such as honoring the value of the house.

The interior design style of the 2-storey neoclassical villa is also decorated by neoclassical moldings, in sync with the exterior. The tile floor is also meticulously detailed with 2 black and white colors. This is also a unique point in the Neoclassical architectural style that is loved and used by many people.

MV architects always use the gray matter and their ability to bring satisfaction to customers from the smallest details. The picture below is the staircase used as a mini landscape, optimizing wasted area while creating a green and unique decoration space for the house. Surely guests coming home will be surprised and spend a lot of time watching, playing with fishes swimming under this ladder.

Some other construction images of neoclassical 2-storey villas:

Above are the pictures of a 2-storey neoclassical mansion, designed and constructed by Moivaonhatoi. If you have the opportunity to come to Dien Bien, invite you to visit to see the real-life beauty of the villa, certainly, the reality will be more surprising to you.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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