Acreage: 100m2 x 4 floors + 1 basement + 80m2 garden

Construction time: 6 months

- 2017 -



3D design of modern villa facade:

Current status, construction process of facade:

The status of modern villas

And when the facade completes a modern villa:

modern villa

The adjacent villa in Vinh Hoang urban area with a beautiful location, has a very nice main view when looking directly at the lake. The street is very open and convenient for travel, bringing great value to the villa. Style neoclassical used by most of the surrounding investors as the main design. With the desire of the investor who wants to change the style as well as create a highlight for his house to be different from other houses to avoid being boring. From their wishes, the architects moivaonhatoi have turned the wishes of the investor into an impressive new design.

Construction process of villa facade: 

Rough construction of villa front
Trowel finishing frontage of modern villa
complete the modern mansion

The new look is put on the house, with modern style using new luxurious and impressive materials. Instead of closed walls with high house gates like traditional designs, architects Moivaonhatoi has used the modern black painted iron roosters and can show off the beauty of the entire villa of the owner. The top uses a steel-core plastic door with a large glass array, so that users can enjoy the view overlooking the lake, while flooding the entire house in natural light. The balcony uses toughened glass railings and is extended to the side of the house, first to give users a space to enjoy the beautiful view of the house, the latter to cover rain and other bad things. . Besides Modern villa furniture more thanks to the use of large tempered glass roof panels that both ensure the function of covering your rain and sun, and reunite with the common style and are much more beautiful than traditional concrete roofs.

Main gate of modern villas:

main gate of modern mansions

The entrance to the house is completed step by step:

Complete rough villas
Crude construction of villas
the process of completing the entrance to a modern villa

Just like the front, the back is also focused and changed to take advantage of the beautiful views and enjoy the most natural light shining on the house.

Design Villa using black gray tones combined with white, an impressive contrast is made in a very modern style. The side of the house is designed by architects with the widest xingfa aluminum doors that will help flood the house into light.

B / LAYER 1:

Perspective 3D ground floor 1 view from above:

3D perspective, ground floor level of a modern villa

Space continuity, no separation by the partition of the room as before. The space is changed by the decorative array or change the background in a very clever way.

Hall for shoes, enter the luxurious living room:

Construction of raw villa lobby
Complete the lobby of the villa
modern mansion shoe area

Step into the living room, interior design Villa exuding elegance and modernity from materials of stone, wood and strong lines. The living room space is filled with light during the day and shimmering LED lights in the evening with impressive lighting effects. 12mm Moser laminate flooring is mainly used in the whole house combined with wooden furniture made from HDF green core with moisture-proof very well.

Construction process of living room interior:

Interior construction of villa living room with wooden furniture installation

Living room upon completion of a modern villa:

panoramic living room dining table modern villa

Living room furniture is completed step by step:

Construction and finishing of interior villas
Executing and installing interior of villa living room

From rough to fine, process Interior construction of the villa change step by step through the architect MV moivaonhatoi

Living room and modern villa dining table

The space is completely changed with the latest and modern materials used to give users the feeling of enjoying a high life. The concealed Dowlight system combined with the openings using Led lights creates an impressive lighting effect. The spaces are not separated by separating walls, but are cleverly and delicately connected by the changing light of each area of use. A sparkling living room with a new and luxurious chandeliers combined with warm colored light effect effects create a feeling of affection when used. The TV is hung on an impressive column system, reasonable and effective in separating the space.

The dining room opens to the floor, and the floor rises, especially:

Modern villa dining table

Dining room finishing process:

process of perfecting a modern villa dining room

The dining room is raised to the floor and has strict lights to create a sense of change, at the same time the dining area is located in the skylight area, with the top-down chandeliers combined with LED lights. Focus on the dining area to bring the feeling of being inside restaurant 5 sao . Phòng ăn ngăn cách với không gian bếp bằng một quầy bar sử dụng gỗ HDF màu trầm hợp lý về công năng đảm bảo thêm sự liên kết gần gũi. Mảng tường kitchen được ốp bằng đá granite trắng vân lớn mang lại sự sang trọng cho phòng bếp.

Modern villa bar:

The bar has finished a modern villa

Clear the floor above the dining table:

Pine design above the dining table modern mansion

C / FLOOR 3 modern villas:

Neoclassical staircase modern mansion

Perspective 3D design villa view from top down - 3rd floor - bedroom of the son:

3d design modern villa bedroom

Bedroom con trai hiện đại, đầy đủ chức năng và thiết kế ấn tượng với người sử dụng.

The boy's bedroom is very large with a dressing room:

Completed rough construction of the villa bedroom
Construction and installation of large wooden bedroom furniture
Master bedroom, modern dressing room

Interior design of modern villas with luxurious resort space and fully functional, from spacious bedrooms, separate dressing rooms, bathrooms with large bathtubs.

Sleeping space using Morser wood floor combined with HDF wood-based wooden furniture with moisture-proof and luxurious green veneer paste. Curtains used with fabric materials, diverse designs and styles are very suitable for the design. In addition to the space, the architects also combine orange relaxation chairs to accentuate the room.

Modern villa changing room:

Modern villa dressing room

Combined with the bedroom is a spacious dressing space with full cabinets and the function of a dressing room that meets all requirements of the owner. The dressing room floor is more advanced than the bedroom to divide the space as well as to create a light effect.

The glass door system from floor to ceiling combined with curtain system gives the dressing room an impression like being in one fashion shops high class. Lying on the bed, you can fully see the changing room, the space like it is extended to further rejoice your own will create a sense of excitement when using this room. 

Current status and construction process of 4-storey modern villa:

Construction and finishing of the rough villa
Construction and installation of wooden bedroom furniture

Process Interior construction of the villa from rough construction to painting of baits, flooring, plaster ceilings, finished wood furniture

bedroom complete the modern villa

The bedroom has a modern resting space and can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake to help people relax, enjoy the day with natural light.

Xingfa aluminum door system with large glass panels combined with a 2-layer fabric curtain system helps users can lie on the bed to enjoy the entire scenery of Vinh Hoang Lake, and can adjust the intensity of light entering the room. . A quiet resort space but full of natural light and scenery around Vinh Hoang urban area. The wall panels are painted white industrial wood, the decorative motifs are also reduced to the redundancy so that the user can feel the lightness when entering the room to rest.

Attached to the bedroom is a modern WC with a design - construction process:

Construction process of WC modern villa

And when finished WC modern mansion:

Modern villas bathroom with glass walls

The bedroom is fully functional but with a clever and reasonable layout the user has a feeling the room space is very large. Lavarbo is taken out into the open space instead of in the closed doors as usual, users can use without feeling piled on the newly used Wc. Full of functionality but not restricting the user of thought, you can wash your hands just can see the outer space rather than the mysterious space as usual.

Construction process and completion of modern villa bathrooms:

Modern villa bathroom

Modern WC toilets are luxurious with modern design to help users comfortable to use. Using fake veneer parquet floors, ceramic wall tiles as well as the Inax toilet to bring luxury in the bathroom.

Large wc restroom with jacuzzi to help users enjoy after a tired time with outside life. An HDF moisture-proof wooden closet, cleverly combined to help hold swimsuits as well as home wear without mixing with the dressing room.


Construction process and completion of the altar:

Construction of the villa worship room
Interior construction of the church chapel

The top of the house, which is also the last point on our tour, is altar on the 4th floor. The wooden interior of ceiling tiles, wall tiles synchronously, making the altar placed in both fit and print. Hopefully, the house with reasonable design, beautiful and suitable aesthetic Feng Shui, will help homeowners have a comfortable living space and work, career increasingly smooth sailing, as the saying "Settling down, working career"

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