With modern and luxurious spaces, pendant lights are always the perfect decoration solution. The current models of pendant lights, in addition to lighting function, also meet the aesthetic needs of the house. They are suitable for a lot of spaces from bedrooms, dining tables, living rooms. The article below summarizes some beautiful pendant lights and focuses on the variety of glass materials.

dark gray smoky gray glass pendant lamp model

The polygonal pendant lamp offers a unique look, yet exudes a classic flair. Dark smoky gray can be easily combined with other furniture pieces. This lamp is very suitable for homes with contemporary style.

dark gray smoky gray glass pendant lamp model

Every corner of the house is an art scene with a gourd-shaped lamp. A pendant lamp made of hand-blown glass gives it an elegant feel.

smoky gray drop lamp

Dark smoky gray lamps always bring elegance and elegance. The bell-shaped pendant light collection has received a lot of love from many people.

Classic glass pendant light

The glass pendant lamp is combined with beads and matte black for a classic look. Inside the glass hood is a classic filament bulb with a warm golden glow. This glass pendant light is great for mid-century style and beyond.

polygonal drop lights

Continued to be a perfectly handcrafted polygonal lamp pattern. Small glass pendant lights are very popular with geometric shapes. The lamp combined with the golden border creates a luxurious feeling for the space.

mountain lanterns

An extremely sophisticated lamp model with a mountain image sculpted inside. When the lights are on, the light casts shadows around the mountain creating a visually appealing effect.

Classic glass pendant light

A model of a chandelier made of glass with a classic design for a nostalgic space. The holder is made of colorful swirl aluminum and the unique multi-layer lamp.

amber harp

The glass globe pendant light is the most basic design. However, when combined with the ombre amber layer, it has an extremely luxurious look.

amber pendant light

For a warm and pleasant light, you cannot ignore this champagne-colored glass pendant lamp.

cylindrical pendant light

Two contrasting colors when combined together are harmonious and very delicate. The cylindrical pendant light in emerald green and polished brass becomes the focal point of the space.

cylindrical pendant light

Patterned blown glass chandeliers always have their own charm. Around the lamp, there are unique porosity to create a new and unique light and dark.

Above are some beautiful glass pendant lights synthesized by MOIVAONHATOI. Hope this article will help you choose the right lamp model for your home.

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