Renovation of the living room of Parkhill apartment 8

Renovation of the living room PARKHILL APARTMENT KITCHEN 8


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– 2020 –


Today, we invite you to visit the living room - kitchen of Parkhill 8 newly renovated apartment. The living room - the kitchen in each apartment plays a very important role because this is a common living place to help the family reunite, gather together. Fortunately, MOIVAONHATOI has the opportunity to design and renovate the living room - kitchen for an apartment in Times City, Parkhill 8. How to make the living room and kitchen after renovating more beautiful and modern than the old version is indeed a challenge for us. But with a long experience in designing apartments, as well as an attitude of dedication and listening to customers, MOIVAONHATOI has taken the design of the living room - the kitchen has been upgraded to a new level.


3d living room design - kitchen of parkhill apartment 8 after renovation

If two parts of the kitchen cabinets in the previous Parkhill apartment were made of aluminum and white glass, now we have renovated by combining different materials and colors for the new model of kitchen cabinets. We also removed the wooden floor to assemble white ceramic tiles that are good in the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen becomes cleaner and more suitable for cooking. In addition, the extra table with a table top and table legs made of luxurious white marble is a new highlight in the kitchen interior that we designed for this kitchen.

Kitchen utensils are taken out before construction

To be able to renovate the kitchen at Parkhill 8, we first have to bring all the kitchen utensils to facilitate the construction, as well as ensure the quality of these items to have can use again later.

3d design of kitchenhill parkhill apartment 8 after renovation

The top of the kitchen cabinets is made of aluminum and white glass with many cabinets. The cupboard shelf section (located right above the washbasin lavabo) has a glass cupboard to help you easily see the inner bowl of chopsticks. The lower part of the cabinet, with the cabinet designed specifically to place the refrigerator, is made of high-quality mdf wood that is extremely resistant to water, termite, warping. Next to the fridge is another vertical chest with a decorative closet and small cupboards for homeowners to store additional supplies. It is the different design of these cabinets that makes Parkhill 8 apartment after being renovated become more vivid and eye-catching.

process of renovating parkhill apartment kitchen 8

Especially in this kitchen cabinet system, we have designed additional LED systems running along the groove. This makes cooking easier and more inspiring than ever. The cabinet is also designed with high ceiling to create great storage space as well as ensure hygiene for the kitchen. When assembling this kitchen cabinet assembly, we must remove every part of the old kitchen cabinets and install new parts.


3d design parkhill apartment 8 after renovation

The living room of this apartment is a large space containing both dining and dining tables and chairs. After renovation, the living room at Parkhill 8 apartment was shaped in warm beige brown color which is also very elegant and modern. A 3-seater suede sofa is probably the best fit for this space. Homeowners prefer minimalist, modern design so we decided to choose a simple tea table is a rectangular wooden block with a compact drawer.

Living room furniture modern style

To help reduce the monotonous space, we have designed a new black carpet to create the softness and beauty for the living room. Combined with that is the branch chandelier with large shadows that bring modern beauty that catches the eye. The highlight of this room is two wooden blocks with vertical ribs on both sides of the wall behind the sofa. The wall at Parkhill 8 apartment was also renovated by embellishing by a picture with brown and white tones that are artistic.

construction in parkhill apartment living room 8

Wooden floors remain the same as they were when we received the apartment. We only add appropriate furniture to make this space more decorative, worthy of the most comfortable reception.

Do you find the living room - kitchen of Parkhill 8 apartment after renovating becomes more vivid and eye-catching? Let us know!

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