Acreage: 104.9 m2, 2 bedrooms

total cost of construction: 175 million (Before construction: had wooden floors and plaster ceiling)

Construction time: 25 days

- 2017 -


Today, the MV - moivaonhatoi has the opportunity to lead you to visit a very special apartment that has completed construction design, apartment interior Royal City - Thanh Xuan District - Hanoi.

The apartment has been bought for a long time, but the owner of the apartment has not changed the interior condition, now through the hands of the MV architects with less than 200 million VND to make the interior, the apartment has completely changed the appearance. , improve the value of the house, bring comfort and convenience to homeowners ...

Ground Interior design of Royal City apartment:

Layout of the apartment Royal City 104.9m2 with 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 loggia


Renovating and completely transforming an apartment in terms of decoration function, and the form of rustic wood becomes beautiful, in an investment of less than 200 million is never easy, with this Royal City apartment Also, the architects spent a lot of time to design, as well as take care of the stage of construction, selecting materials. The main highlight in the living room design is the change over the TV wall from the current situation, from the left wall array to the right wall (opposite), making the apartment after making furniture beautiful but increasingly emphasized, increasing the feeling of a new experience for homeowners, thanks to this completely new layout change.

Situation and construction process of living room:

Handover status of Royal City apartment 100m2

The images from the current situation survey to the design drawings, the Royal City apartment is still empty with no furniture, tiled floors, old creamy yellow painted walls, plaster ceilings with downlight system. some broken places ... By the time the painting of plaster walls & plaster walls is done, installing furniture for the apartment. Step by step, the apartment is changed, wearing a new, more beautiful outfit, as the photo below.

Construction of wooden furniture, Royal city 100m2

MV installers are installing the living room furniture details.

Royal city apartment 100m2

And the apartment has completed 100%, homeowners can experience the results after nearly 1 month of interior installation

From the main door to the living room:

Interior design and construction apartments of Royal City apartment 100m2

Seen from the lobby in turn is the Dining Table - Wine Cabinet - TV Shelf - Sofa - Church cabinet, all arranged on one of the most accentuating walls that hit the eyes as soon as they entered, so it must be very synchronized, the line, The color is really harmonious, bringing beauty to the whole house.

Starting into Royal City apartment, we will go through the kitchen and of course the Dining Table location will be prioritized so that as close to the kitchen as possible, the dining tables and chairs are the architects of the company MV shaped , colors that match the overall overall of the apartment. Adjacent to that is the Wine Cabinet with a "monumental" design that will make homeowners proud whenever guests come. Next is the TV shelf - cupboard - sofa - balcony ...

Design dining room Royal city apartment 100m2

A view from the sofa to the dining table, and to the right is the entrance hall ...

Dining tables and chairs

Kitchen space and dining table are always the center, the most important highlight, used regularly and bring happiness of a family. Knowing that principle, MV invests in design for this space with the highest beauty and aesthetics as well as comfort and optimal use.

The dining table set with modern style, adding more selected carpets in a simple but sophisticated way ... Even the dining table lamps and tablecloths are also carefully selected. Besides, the system of wine cabinets, storage cabinets large area, many compartments, very convenient for daily use.

Corner of the dining table Royal City apartment Designed with a style interior restaurant luxury contributes to the deliciousness of every family meal ...

Drop table lamp

The dining table lamps, as well as the black and white wall paintings, are carefully studied by architects into the apartment

Decorative ceramic jars

The system of wine cabinets and cupboards is quite large, very easy to become rough and monotonous, like placing a wardrobe in the middle of the dining room. Therefore, the decorative slot aligned across the cabinet was introduced.

With this decorative space, homeowners can decorate by themselves with favorite items, creating a "personalization" for their apartment's interior.

Decorative fake vase

The view from the lobby to the living room space will always be the most important, it brings the soul & exudes the personality of the homeowner, so the living room must be carefully invested ... Interior design of apartments Royal City This 100m2, you will see unique European architecture. The furniture combined with wooden floors in black - white - brown - yellow color is very eye-catching, the perfect combination of metal - wood. Especially with the great advantage of a very large balcony wall, the room will receive a lot of natural light, making the space seem to glow ...


Royal city apartment 100m2

This is a panoramic view of the main accent wall of the apartment. In the middle is the wall of TV shelves with Greek white stone, this is a very meticulous investment of MV MV, because Greek white stone is a very fragile natural stone, and for tangent 1 the wall with the diagonal stone pattern is so beautiful, the architects have chosen meticulously at the stone store a big enough stone with a beautiful pattern.

In addition, near the balcony door, is a modern church cupboard but still has a nostalgic feature. Church cabinets are designed very neatly and in harmony with the general architecture of the apartment

Design and construction of Royal city apartment 100m2

Interior design of Royal City apartment synchronized, harmonious with each other on colors, materials, even leather sofa sets must also choose brown to synchronize with wooden furniture. Octagonal diamond tables and carpets are selected in black, blending with the overall background

The ceiling of the living room is decorated with fancy stylized chandeliers and ensures the brightness of the room. With wide windows and a simple curtain system, warm tones easy to use help the owner of the apartment to avoid harsh sunny days.

See more designs apartment living room Similar style: Interior design of Goldmark City apartment

Designing and constructing the living room of Royal city apartment 100m2

View from the balcony towards the dining table & lounge, we can see the space here is spread very open, open space is currently the trend of mid-high-class apartments.

On this side we can see cupboards and dining tables. The dining table is arranged in a central position, with a side of a variety of utility cabinets. The cabinet is designed entirely of sealed wings, only to reveal decorative objects.


Complete interior wooden furniture cRoyal City apartments are designed and constructed by Industrial Wood An Cuong - MDF core with moisture-proof green Melamine surface. The white-brown combination creates a certain contrast, which enhances the beauty in every corner of the furniture. With a very flat design, no handle makes users feel very "infinity", minimalist details but maximum aesthetic is also the criteria architects of the company. Moivaonhatoi.com put into this apartment

The following is an animation showing the composition of the drawers inside the cabinet:

Structure of decorative wall cabinets

The storage cabinet doors when opened, you can see a lot of furniture and mess. That shows the useful function of the cupboard in storing lots and keeping the apartment always clean, tidy and beautiful.

Design of TV shelves

The TV shelf is designed as simple as a flat wooden panel, but hidden inside is a drawer with many utilities. Top of the speaker system & spacious decoration. The Greek white stone wall with the brown texture still makes the TV shelf & stone wall "strange" ...

The furniture is designed and constructed in great detail in the Royal City 100m2 apartment

Altar structure altar

The altar is always a very important part and note when designing, how to ensure the solemn nature, while ensuring the specifications according to Lu Ban standards. Feng Shui, again convenient and aesthetic. The solution of the architect is to make use of the lower compartments to hold worshiping items, between the church shelf and the storage compartment will be a system of wooden drawers - can be pulled out when displaying more offerings & pushed in. weekdays ...

The whole cabinet is designed with a flat wing, not very modern handle, but also added curved edges, CNC nostalgic cutting background.

It can be said that this is an altar that is both beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, optimizing the function and feng shui that cannot be found outside.


Referring to the apartment without mentioning the Hall is flawed ... Here in the lobby Royal City apartment Although narrow, there is still room for a shoe locker - which is indispensable for an apartment, it contains all the shoes of family members. But how can both contain more but still ensure aesthetics? This will be a beautiful model of shoe cabinet for you to refer to the design for your future home!

Shoe cabinet construction

The shoe cabinet is designed to be close to the ceiling, divided into 2 parts and left open in the middle to "soften" the shoe cabinet. The bottom of the cupboard with the handle is a circular type of GRAPHIC, the user can just hook the fingers to open and the function of the hole is to escape for the cabinet, creating the necessary ventilation for the shoe cabinet.

The middle of the cabinet is open, mounted LED lighting, creating accents, attracting viewers. Here the owner presents the decorations, creating a welcome beauty right from the lobby for the apartment

The upper part is 2 open wings, where it can contain things like umbrella rain, raincoats, coats, helmets, less used junk, ...

Shoe shoe corner decoration

At the decoration space between cabinets, the owner can decorate in his own way, showing his temperament. That individual corner is also the thing that makes the homeowner closer and loves his apartment.


Behind the living room is the master bedroom of the owner.

Master bedroom design of Royal city apartment 100m2

Master bedroom is designed in a classic style & brings a little different from the style of the living room. Due to the master room's wood floors, which are the existing dark brown wooden floors, along with the set of pine room and baseboards with dark brown paint, and the homeowner's problem is not renovating the floor - doors - cornices. but still ensure the added furniture will be similar & reasonable with what was available.

The headboard wall is glued with Korean wallpaper With 3D diagonal pattern & light gray color, the striped wood paneling on both sides of the bed is very simple but creates a new feeling and emphasizes the headboard. The bed with a black padded headboard with buttons brings elegance and class.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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Current situation and perspective of Master bedroom:

bedroom status master royal city
3d perspective master bedroom

From photos of the current Royal City apartment to 3D design drawings has been a strange change, but it all still depends on the skills, the actual interior construction.

Master's Bedroom Upon completion:

Master bedroom apartment of Royal city 100m2

Looking at the 3D Perspective Photo & Finishing Image, we may be confused if not explicitly, the architects have tried very hard to realize the idea of following the original design so when Finishing can see real Health is no different from 3D drawings ...

Like the living room, the TV shelf and closet are designed in one system to not occupy too much space of the room. The wardrobe uses Melamine Industrial wood to create flattened wings, even the open handle is also made of uniform wood into very stylish lines. Two glossy black cabinet panels are combined into Acrylic panels - a very beautiful and luxurious material when properly coordinated.

Next to the wardrobe is a wooden wall array with decorative lines with a dominant white tone, combining the brown block of the TV shelf to create a solid feel.

Royal City apartment is designed and executed by every MV architect, hoping that the homeowner will always feel relaxed, comfortable and satisfied every night returning home.

Royal City apartment building TV segment 100m2

If you only look at this complete image, you will not immediately understand the beauty behind it. Reality Royal City apartment Before the interior design and construction, this is a very convex wall with many angles, behind the TV wall is a concrete column, and next to it is a concave space, but after being processed by MV architects, they become flat, integrated, and beautiful, as if the edges never existed.

This is a convex wall array that has been designed into a very nice decorative cabinet system:

status quo tv wall bedroom

Inside the flat wing cabinet system is also a place to store a lot of things, making the apartment tidy:

Structure of a wardrobe

Below are a lot of drawers and niches for homeowners to store furniture

structure of wardrobe of Royal city apartment 100m2

Melamine An Cuong wooden wardrobe wardrobe with Acrylic mirror in black mirror, creating depth for room space… Interior design of Royal City apartment 100m2


Bedroom for babies is always a topic that is both easy and very difficult, because the children grow up every day, how to design useful but not out of fashion. Children will never have to say "parents, I do not like my room anymore ..." So the architects sat together with the owner to come up with a neutral plan but still ensure the aesthetics & performance. use

Design and construction of Royal City apartment with 100m2 bedrooms

The yellow oak tone creates a warm feeling, combining the white color of the open wings to make the room look youthful, the headboard glued with wallpaper & hanging paintings with bright colors, though only A small dot but obviously makes the space being "rejuvenated" significantly ...

bedroom of Royal City apartment of 100m2

Child bedroom is designed with stylish light wood tone, unlike other rooms in the apartment. Child bedroom wall is also using good quality Korean wallpaper. With a space like this, your baby will be assured of study & entertainment ...

design and construction of a bedroom of Royal City apartment 100m2

The smart desk & bookshelves help study space be significantly optimized ... The desk is neatly arranged with wall shelves to suit the area of the room

The study corner of the baby is very neat thanks to the optimal bookshelf compartment, 2 drawers under the table, though thin, but it also helps children keep books and books after each lesson. The color of yellow oak combined with the highlight is the white color of the open wing to make the school look relaxed, not mysterious ...


2WOOD ROOM60 million
4WOODEN PLATE25 million

Thank you for visiting Interior design of Royal City apartment 100m2 in Hanoi, designed and constructed by MV company - moivaonhatoi.com With a very reasonable cost, it makes a change and enhances the use of the apartment.If you have such an apartment, quickly contact the MV to turn it into a beautiful space. In order for family members to be happier and more comfortable every time they reunite!

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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