Interior design and construction of Times City T8 apartment building

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Beautiful landlord in T8 Times City apartment

Layout of apartment T8 Times City 82m2, Minh Khai, Hanoi:

Layout of the apartment T8 Times City


Address: Times City Apartment, T8 Building, Minh Khai, Hanoi

Acreage: 82m2 - 2-bedroom apartment renovated into 1 bedroom

total cost of construction: 140 million

Construction time: 30 days

- 2017 -


3D design ground of T8 Times City 82m2 apartment after conversion from 2 bedrooms to 1 bedroom:

3d ground design apartment T8 Times City

If you buy an apartment, would you prefer to have one more bedroom or one less bedroom? Everyone who buys an apartment would like to have more bedrooms, but not all of them are.

The design of the Times City apartment building, T8, originally had 2 bedrooms, but the homeowner wanted to convert it into a one-bedroom apartment. That demand is a bit rare for the majority, but that rarity also makes a difference for the apartment.

It's different from the other 2 bedroom apartments of the T8 building, and also because of the difference, so if someone sees it well ... it's hard to imitate 🙂


3d living room and apartment kitchen T8 Times City

This is an image of the living room and dining room of the apartment on the 3D design drawings. But the reality of the situation is just not so big, and there's no big window looking from the living room to the balcony like that.

View from the main door to the apartment t8 times city CURRENT STATUS

Handover of Times City T8 apartment

The current layout of the Times City apartment is a bit unreasonable because the living room does not have its own window, but it has to get light through an external bedroom. Therefore, the landlord decided to sacrifice the bedroom outside the living room, to get light and wind directly for the whole apartment.

Construction process of apartment interior Times City T8

Leaving the bedroom outside is also helpful in increasing the living space of the family, which is the living room and dining room. This expansion of space is also quite reasonable, especially for families or gatherings, who have many friends.

Can you imagine, for the original design of this Times City apartment, although it has 2 bedrooms, but in return the smaller living room, and having to open the window through the bedroom, every time the family gathers practice or friends come to play house, the feeling will be stuck, it will be completely different from the spacious space now.

Larger living room after construction:

kitchen and living room to complete the apartment T8 Times City

In order to give the living room a sense of depth (narrow but long), the mirror arrays are designed to expand the width of the apartment. The mirror arrays are arranged, arranged freely, bringing a sense of dynamism, youthfulness, in accordance with the personality of the host as well as making Interior design of the apartment become eye-catching, different.

See another apartment in the same urban area: Interior design of Times City apartment court Park Hill 5, 90m2 with VND 190 million.

Living room interior construction 3D decorative panels:

Living room interior under construction of T8 Times City apartment

The wall behind the sofa is a decorative 3D paneling, made of pressed bamboo fiber. This material is also quite new, and if you get used to it, then most will be horizontal wave patterns. But with this living room, moivaonhatoi want to put the circle in.

Like the side mirror films, the round 3D panel also shows the dynamism (moving circle), youthful, and also creates softer curves for the house to be square, supporting many angles.

Living room interior with modern materials:

living room finishing apartment T8 Times City

Two distinct materials: Free-form squares, and circular 3D-patterned textures, it may seem difficult to place side by side, but when you put the wooden spokes between them, it creates a connection. fit, and make the house more clean.

Break walls to create a spacious and airy living room:

Handover of basic furniture of Times City T8 apartment

Nếu ai đã từng mua nhà của Vingroup như chung cư Times City, chung cư Royal City, it is known that the wooden floor and plasterboard of the apartment have been made available. Therefore, with this house, when breaking down the dividing wall, moving the bedroom door to the left (see 2 photos before and after), the position of the furniture also changed compared to the original design of the apartment. . So the plaster ceiling also needs to be changed to fit this shifted position.

Construction process of Times City T8 apartment

In this design, we have designed, modified and added plasterboard ceiling, not completely unloaded, in order to save 50% costs, but still adjust the matching ceiling with the map position below. , suitable for new decorative wall panels.

Living room after completion:

Interior kitchen dining apartment Times City T8

3D design drawings of the living room T8 times city

Perspective 3D interior design apartment Times City T8

Surely you will wonder after drawing 3D drawings, whether the actual construction is as beautiful as 3D drawings ??? So please join me in comparing the 3D Design (pictured above) and Photograph of constructed apartment (pictured below)!

And practically after construction of t8 times city apartment

Living room furniture in Times City T8 apartment

With the criterion of "realism", the Architects of Invite In My House also do not invest too much in 3D rendering. The 3D part, we only draw briefly, for idea generation, but also really invest in the construction stage, so that the final result, when the construction is completed, the customer feels satisfied.

Status and construction process of living room interior:

Status of renovating apartment Times City T8

View from the balcony into the house, when the walls of the apartment are not broken.

Construction process of apartment interior Times City T8

Picture Interior design of the apartment Times City thay đổi dần từ Hiện trạng khi mua, đến Quá trình thi công, và Hoàn thiện. Dáng vẻ của căn hộ thay đổi được như vậy là nhờ:
- Layout (break the wall, move the door)
- Walling materials (wall mirror, 3D cladding, wallpaper)
- Decorative light on the ceiling, on the wall

Living room after completion:

Living room furniture in Times City T8 apartment

The living room after completion, is the effort of many teams of workers, lots of materials, and of course the supervision and stringing of teams of workers together. To create the shape of the house completely changed compared to the original purchase.

So !!! Are you willing to spend 140 million to complete your 3 billion apartment like this?

T8 Times City apartment, current status and interior construction:

Status of Times City T8 apartment when handing over
Interior construction process of Times City T8

Furniture of Times City T8 apartment is in the process of construction, 3D paneling and plaster ceiling

Apartment interior when completed:

Interior living room apartment T8 Times City

The 3D paneling wall behind the sofa has a nice feature! It not only beautifies the house, but also knows how to beautify those who sit on this sofa. As a background, exalted their beauty.

And so every day the owner of this chair, of this house, gets more beautiful 🙂

Mirror wall decoration of t8 times city apartment building

Mirror decorative wall panel

Because I know I'm getting beautiful every day (by sitting in front of 3D tiles), right next to it is mirror tiles, so that the owner can verify.

Looking at Thanh Tam's face in the mirror, I can confirm that! 🙂

You also try to enlarge the image to verify it!

Not only that, when you are at home alone you can watch in front of the mirror, but when there are many friends and family coming to eat and drink, the mirrors double the dishes, double the members to create a family atmosphere. have more fun!

Kitchen cabinets are being installed:

Construction process of apartment kitchen cabinets

The system of kitchen cabinets being installed is essentially taking advantage of 50% and installing 50%. The old design of the building is a kitchen cupboard on the right. But the new design moved to the left.

Kitchen cabinets after finishing:

Kitchen cabinets finishing apartment T8 Times City

After finishing, although it is utilizing, the kitchen cabinets still retain the beauty, the synchronization, and even more beautiful thanks to the blue glasskote glass wall stickers.


3D design large bedroom apartment T8 Times City

3D design pictures of the bedroom seems a bit sad compared to the images you have just seen, right?

But that's okay, because we're still watching the way to build a beautiful home step by step ...

Bedroom before and after construction:

Status of Times City T8 apartment
Construction process of Times City T8 apartment

From the status quo to the construction, it seems to be getting better thanks to 3D cladding and the change in the plaster ceiling ...

Bedroom after completing the interior of T8 times city apartment

Master bedroom perfecting the interior of T8 Times City apartment

(Click to enlarge the image. After zooming in, scroll to zoom in on the details.)

Once completed, this shimmer and beautiful materials make its owner comfortable when resting.

Sleeping in a nice house is always better. I certainly am.

And you? Do you think so?

Current situation of T8 Times City apartment building and construction photos:

Status of bedroom apartment Times City T8
Construction process of apartment interior

Design Times City Apartment T8 interior from status quo to completion.

Master bedroom furniture completed:

Master bedroom furniture

Looking at the fine details on the wall, on the bedroom ceiling, I wonder if you will notice the size of this bed?

Earlier, you all knew the special thing, when turning an apartment 2 bedroom apartment into a single bedroom, and now you get to know the special, bed of that single bedroom!

The regular bed is horizontally sized at 1m8, and this bed has a horizontal size of 3m5!

Amazing, special things are often great.

Wish your family and your family always comfortable in the house of moivaonhatoi.com design, and relax on this special bed!


Rough PARTS 95 
TOTALVND 140 million

Above is a real picture of the interior design process of Times City apartment building T8. Along Times City urban area, invite you to see another apartment is equally beautiful: Interior design of Times City apartment Park Hill 5, 90m2 with VND 190 million.

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