Immerse yourself in romance with ROMANTICISM STYLE

Romanticism style expresses romance through soft fabrics, floral prints, lace, furniture and pastel color palette. Let's find out the elements that make up the romance of this style with MOIVAONHATOI.

What is Romanticism design style?

What is Romanticism style?

This style is inspired by the sweetness and passion of love in French philosophy. In the rush for development people do not understand their emotions. Romanticism is designed to ensure one's spontaneity.

Romanticism style living room

Romanticism style has the motto "living space must always respond to the emotions of the owner"

Color in design

romantic bedroom

The colors that can be easily encountered in the Romanticism style are bright and pastel tones. Soft, elegant and feminine colors are popularly used. The colors will be harmoniously combined with the furniture to emphasize the romantic element.

Romanticism style furniture

romantic living room

Lightness and elegance are key when decorating a space with a romantic theme. Romanticism interior focuses on some graceful curves, trendy accessories. Most of the furniture is sophisticated and meticulous, sometimes with a bit of a cumbersome feeling. However, the furniture still has rules to ensure its own comfort and function.

The importance of fabric

Romanticism style bedroom

To create a truly romantic space, fabrics are indispensable. Soft fabrics are crucial to creating lightness in the home. Curtains, carpets, tablecloths help increase the aesthetic of Romanticism style space.

Decorative accessories create accents

romantic bedroom

Small decorative items such as pendant lights, vases and family photos add sophistication to the space. To create accents, you can use mirrored accessories or sparkling stones.

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Above are the tones of interior design style Romanticism. Hope the article will help you in designing your dream home.

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