Owning an apartment with a moderate area, how to decorate the space of your house to become impressive and beautiful? Will pursuing a modern style make the house more attractive and luxurious? Let's find the answer when looking at the blueprint apartment interior Northern Diamond of MOIVAONHATOI below.

Possessing a very favorable location at the gateway to the southeast of Hanoi capital, Northern Diamond apartment building is worthy of being the jewel of the Capital. Let's take a look at how the architect of MOIVAONHATOI has made this house become more modern!

Overall design of the northern diamond apartment interior

Overall design of northern diamond apartment building

An apartment has a moderate area, creating a comfortable space for families with few members. This house is built on a light-colored space. The ornament is modern and healthy. The apartment includes living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a shared toilet, creating convenience when living here.

design living room-kitchen

Design of the entrance to northern diamond apartment building

Spacious entrance, designed special shoe shelves to create convenience every time in and out of the house. In this area, light-colored stone tiles will be used different from the interior wooden floors to create a unique, while also providing certain comfort here.

Design of the living room - kitchen of northern diamond apartment

Three spaces with three youthful colors, no overlap. The living room is placed in the middle and the kitchen-dining room is located on the balcony to create airy for the homeowner. Tempered glass doors and curtains are the separator between the inside and outside space.

Design of the living room - kitchen of northern diamond apartment

The reception area is elaborated and decorated with many high-end furniture. Typically, a light gray sofa set and a stylish decorative tea table highlight the whole place. Using the wallpaper with dark tones to decorate the polka dots creates a unique and more eye-catching feature when sitting here. The soft brown fur carpet is indispensable to bring relaxation and beauty with a system of wall pictures.

Design of the living room - kitchen of northern diamond apartment

Televisions are fixed on the wall. Especially, this wall has been covered with dark wood, so the layout of the furniture is also easier. The TV shelf, the decoration phase also uses simple design details. Interior using white wood brings more ventilation and sophistication to the living space.

Design of the living room - kitchen of northern diamond apartment

Design of a family dining room with 6 members with 6 seats around, wooden paneling brings a feeling of relaxation and more attractive. The stone surface design creates a pleasant and impressive feeling. Designed to add a stylized two-light system to bring a warm and comfortable space for members every time they gather here.

design master bedroom

Design bedroom master bedroom northern diamond apartment

The room has a moderate area so it is easy to furnish. A large bed is placed in the center of the room. Flanked by two large wall cabinets with two comfortable drawers. The stylized design with the sofa bed headboard brings more comfort and comfort to this resting space. High and tight wardrobe design creates convenience for homeowners to use.

Design bedroom master bedroom northern diamond apartment

Taking advantage of the window of the room, we have designed a podium to relax here so that the homeowner can read or admire the view through the romantic window. Next is to put a desk combined with a vanity here will bring the best light and energy, helping homeowners get the most comfortable and comfortable. To decorate the room more beautiful, placing colorful murals or carpeting is also the perfect choice.

Baby bedroom design

Designing northern diamond apartment bedrooms

Design bedroom furniture Boys are decorated with blue to bring coolness and peace to the interior space. Painting murals and canvas paintings bring vibrancy to the interior space. The bedroom area is quite small, but all have windows to receive natural light, so the living space is always airy, and ensures the health of the owner, so it is reasonable to place the bed here. Compact wooden study table design and stylized book shelf system create convenience and get the best study space

Designing northern diamond apartment bedrooms

The foot of the bed is designed as a wardrobe combined with a wooden rack to create a unique and also easier to use. Decorating pictures according to children's preferences, and fancy swirling carpet also make children love their room more.

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