One plate living room carpet Well-chosen is what helps to tie the living room space together. The carpet is also a perfect highlight for you to promote your personal preferences. Let's take a look at some beautiful carpet patterns for the living room with MOIVAONHAOI.

Carpet pattern for living room

The woven wool carpet pattern with tassels brings uniqueness to the space. Upholstery brings comfort and softness to the feet. Wool often makes people think twice when it comes to hygiene, but this naturally stain-resistant rug will change your mind.


A rug pattern for a minimalist living room brings a sense of elegance. This woven rug will prove to be simple yet striking. Soft materials will make the room lighter and more comfortable.

woven wool carpet

Carpet gray living room with delicate geometric patterns, easy to see. These decorations will help stimulate the eyes and imagination of the viewer. This is the perfect blend of wool and polyester.

Nordic carpet pattern

Nếu bạn yêu thích phong cách Bắc Âu hay Ma-rốc thì chiếc thảm này là dành cho bạn. Mẫu thảm trải sàn màu trung tính nhẹ nhàng với họa tiết đá hoa cương cho phòng khách thanh lịch và thân thiện.

Fleece carpet

The faux sheepskin rug is smooth, cozy and incredibly comfortable. This is definitely a "national" carpet pattern suitable for every home.

Pattern of jute fiber living room carpet

Pattern of jute carpet for living rooms in rustic, rustic or country design style. The carpet is woven with the perfect chevron stripe pattern to create a rustic, natural feel for the home.

Pattern carpet

The next rug gives a unique look with abstract drawings. The fun geometric patterns will inspire you a lot.

Textured carpet for the living room

A floor mat for homeowners who love maverick design. Abstract design with playful colors will make your living room very interesting.

Pattern carpet

And to make the living room more elegant, classic patterned carpets are indispensable. The rug is made of modern materials and is centered on versatile performance. So it is very suitable for spreading in the living room or places with many people passing by.


Carpets made of wool and viscose fibers will be very soft and comfortable when barefoot. Oversized gray stripe patterns are especially suitable for large spaces.

A beautiful carpet is an effective way to refresh the space of the house. Let's find the right rugs for the living room right now.

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