Penthouse is the definition of only apartments located on the top floor of a building, a place that offers a different class and is a favorite choice of the elite. The unique feature compared to other apartments is that the Penthouse owns a spacious space with a clear (or no-floor) design and an open-air view of the city.

drawing of a 3-bedroom penhouse apartment

The architectural layout of this Penhouse apartment is designed with 3 bedrooms. Besides, there is a harmonious combination of space, dividing science between rooms and bringing a full and convenient experience to homeowners.

living room interior modern penthouse apartment, sofa felt 2 people

Choosing the main neutral color tone is white and gray, embellished with hot colors (red, yellow) the main space of the apartment (living room and kitchen) has both modern and luxurious features but does not create a feeling of boredom. The living room is arranged with a sofa for 2 people and a sofa, the highlight is a minimalist Nordic style tea table.

Extensive outdoor view using double glazing

Located in a prime location of the building, Penthouse apartment possesses sweeping views from above. Therefore, the design will take full advantage of the landscape, so the entire outer wall is installed with a two-layer panorama glass strip, in the middle is a 99% UV-proof vacuum layer to ensure the health of the homeowner.

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The dining room set a dining table can accommodate up to 6 people, with decorative art ceiling lights

The kitchen area has a spacious area with a dining table for 6 people, a wooden foot eames chair is very light, convenient for transportation and above is decorated with eye-catching drop grapefruit.

Wall clock with big wall, simple design

The kitchen wall has a large decorative clock with a unique shape made of metal, this minimalist design not only fits the space, but also fills the gaps in the walls of the apartment.

The bar uses metal tables, striking blue trash cans, and a neatly arranged cooking appliance

The kitchen bar is made from a polished metal table, which creates both ventilation and easy cleaning when needed. The area behind is fully equipped with cooking aids such as microwave, fridge ... in an orderly and tidy manner.

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The shared bathroom of the penhouse apartment has a washbasin with cabinet design right below, a mirror and a glass shower enclosure

The shared bathroom of the Penthouse is minimalist and neatly decorated with a washbasin with cabinets right below, this design both conceals the rough pipe and is convenient to store personal hygiene items.

middle bed, on both sides of the bed with small shelves, model display cabinets

The first bedroom has a small area, but the layout of beds, tables, chairs, and science bookshelves has helped improve the ventilation of the room.

Working table and single sofa

Not only stopping at the eye-catching interior layout, this bedroom is also using the famous fashion brand bedding, the corner of the desk, the work is arranged randomly but still very neat about the layout .

beds with young rubber mattresses, plaster ceilings, window blinds

Opposed to bedroom design Recently, the master bedroom is designed to be more minimalistic with the main bed using high-quality young latex mattress, window curtains separating the space for a harmonious and comfortable space.

The bathroom has a bathtub with nice view angle, modern sanitary equipment - penhouse apartment

The bathroom of the main bedroom has a bathtub with a romantic view. White colors are chosen as the main combination with the Sanitary equipment modern and guaranteed glass mirror system will help create a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

penhouse apartment hallway closet, marble vein floor, led lights, waiting chair

Finally, the entrance to the apartment corridor is large enough, marble tiles are selected as the background, the lockers and waiting chairs are neatly arranged.

So we have experienced the comfortable space of a 3-bedroom Penthouse apartment with minimalist style, hope the article will bring you inspiration and make appropriate choices for your own apartment. yourself in the future.

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