The interior design brings Vintage style It will bring a feeling of nostalgia without being boring. So these designs never go out of style and are growing in popularity. Nowadays, there are many ways to incorporate vintage style into modern house design. Below, MOIVAONHATOI will explore with you 6 interior decoration tips to make your home have the most authentic Vintage sound.

1. Vintage style focuses on antique furniture decoration

Interior decoration in vintage style

Antique items are the easiest way to keep your home looking old. However, they are quite expensive and not all antiques will suit your design. So if your family has items passed down through the generations, take advantage of it. And if you have to buy it outside, you need to find out carefully. Pay attention to the style and color to make sure they are a great choice for your space.

2. Look for the classic in decorative accessories

Interior decoration in vintage style

Your room doesn't necessarily need to be decorated in a completely vintage style. Instead, simply add a few pieces inspired by this style in a proper modern space. Consider some vintage accents like vases, mirrors, lamps, paintings, etc. And make sure you arrange them cleverly to create a sophisticated, eye-catching space. Please.

3. Use the right background color and space

Classic living room design

It is certain that your antiques will serve as the focal point of the space. That's why you need to have a perfect background and space to avoid space confusion. A layer of neutral background color can accentuate the entire contours of the antique. In addition, you should use the spaces so that your Vintage-style interior decoration has a break, the viewer will not be overwhelmed by too many items. These are two great ways to make classic pieces stand out.

4. Mix different styles in Vintage interior decoration

Interior decoration in vintage style

To make your own mark in Classic design you can also mix many different styles. The style can be similar to retro or completely opposite like modern. However, make sure that you're mixing in a way that complements each other, and doesn't cause distractions. Adding a variety of templates creates another great way to show off your designs.

5. Always focus on the color elements

beautiful living room design

Classic style inspired by bright and vibrant colors. This type of design allows you to add splashes of color to any room. Since the Vintage style is often associated with a feminine design, floral motifs are used to decorate with white or light brown furniture. These colors will make your home more friendly and cozy.

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Above are tips to decorate the space in Vintage style. Challenge yourself by designing your home in this style. MOIVAONHATOI hope that the article will be helpful to you.

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