Retro style is a term for interior decoration themes from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The style is influenced by past trends and designs. Retro often brings a sense of fun with bright colors. This is an interesting style for those who love subtle personality. Let's find out some tips for decorating in this style with MOIVAONHATOI in the article below.

Retro style furniture

Retro interior style

Furniture of this style often carries a classic touch. Not tied to any style or color. Thanks to the clever combination, the overall space is very harmonious and delicate. The wide leather seats and multicolored pillows add color. Or shiny chrome lights, even 50s-style bars.

Use bold colors

Classic living room design

One of the ways to know interior style Retro is easiest color. This style is very focused on the classic sound but uses very bold colors. Popular colors are: butter green, mustard yellow, nau, white, black and red. Or colors like purple or pink all add greatness to the retro style. In addition, fabrics dyed with intricate patterns are also unique.

Fabric and floor material

classic sofa design

The fabrics of the 60s will help you immediately grasp the decoration Retro style furniture. When it comes to this style, you will immediately think of wool, wool and velvet carpets, curtains like chiffon and fine silk. Remember, everything is bold when you go retro, so don't be afraid of textures. There are only three options with flooring when you decorate your home in this style. It's natural wood, fur rugs and bold tile combinations.

Accessories in Retro interior style

Retro interior style

The reason Retro style attracts many people because there is no limit to accents and accessories. Vintage accessories such as carpets, lamps, clocks, vases, pictures, sculptures. Works of art are often oriented towards abstract art rather than landscapes, people. Accessories are used a lot, so they must be cleverly combined to not mess up the space.

Pulling retro furniture together

classic dining room design

Incorporating a variety of shapes, textures, and colors can often be difficult as it can overwhelm a space. So in every room you need to have breaks and intervals. For the main break are the empty areas between the furniture, stretch them to make the space more open. So how do the furniture have a seamless connection with each other? Use alignment in shapes and colors. You can calculate the placement of similar furniture, creating a unified layout.

Unique types of lights

Retro interior style

It would be remiss if your retro-styled home lacked lights. Floor lamps and lights with unique shapes and colors are great ideas for this style. Choose for the house fancy chandeliers and lights to increase the fun and excitement.

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Retro style is increasingly receiving the love of young people who love nostalgia. This style is also very accessible because of the freedom and liberality in design. If you also want to design in this style, please contact MOIVAONHAOI for a free consultation.

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