Ancient bungalows

Ancient bungalows


Address: Hang Trong Street, Hanoi

Acreage: 21m2, for both Prawn, Daughter, Guest, P., Dressing and cosmetic display place of daughter, Grandmother's wardrobe, Daughter's wardrobe

Cost of construction: 80 million

Construction time: 25 days

— 2009 —


Houses "tight" on the old town, is the situation most of the families living here. Here Tuan called the "Tight" house more precisely the "Small", because "small" may be petite, while "tight" is only ugly and lacking in comfort.

Tuan is accustomed to a quiet life, so he sees the HN people living in the old town have a very quick mind, know how to do business. They may be very economically sound, but live in a fairly tight house. And even though they buy a house in Cilputra, they still prefer to live in Old Town. So, why don't they use a small, small amount of money, to invest from A to Z professionally, to make their "cramped" house a "lovely little" house? With Tuan, all of that can be realized. Shown in the beautiful living room interior below

Photos before and after renovating old town living room:

Uncle Hung's house, 58 Hang Trong may make those who live in a small apartment with all generations, grandparents, parents, descendants, and even only 1 room but cum a lot of functions: living room, dining, watching tv, cum bedroom; they may immediately want to renovate their house.

The picture of the current status of the living room not designed with this interior is very cramped:

Interior design of tight houses

Like the grounds Old town house other: tight, lots of furniture, and tiling details are also… very old. 

Interior design of tight houses

In interior design, the most difficult (or most shy) are small, narrow, or difficult structures Renovating a dormitory.

Living room furniture is constrained by the design idea of the Loft. And even harder is only with 21m2 but homeowners want to use with all kinds of functions. From the girl's bedroom, to the dining room, decorating the living room, dressing table and shelves of a girl's cosmetics store, a daughter's wardrobe, a grandmother's wardrobe, and having to be very flexible. move whenever the family has a job ... 

Each of these functions has a different feature and nature, and the architects must arrange all of them into a very small space, so that the traffic is reasonable, the location is reasonable, the shape, style of eating together, like a complete synchronization.

And definitely must be a complete synchronization, not because of too many functions that protrude a certain object that ruin the synchronization of the house, right?

Functional layout "tight interior design":

Interior design of tight houses

And finally, Tuan and the Landlord have designed a beautiful living room plan, which can be said to be the optimal plan for this living room - bedroom - shop.

Before the final design, there are many beautiful options:

Interior design of tight houses

... The interior of the living room is very beautiful, but Tuan and the landlord have not really satisfied, determined to find a solution "really like it". And…

... The design of the living room is finally completed:

Interior design of tight houses

The above design is a harmony, harmony between spaces, objects with different properties, such as wardrobe, TV shelves decorating beautiful living rooms, beds, dining tables, dressing tables, dressing tables, sales cabinets. v ... v ... You should pay close attention to the extremely versatile function of the room, you will see: this room is not only beautiful ... but also meaningful.

Are 3D drawings convincing enough? It may be beautiful, but certainly not by the actual image (This has been verified through many previous posts)

Actual photo of the living room's interior after construction of "cramped interior design":

Living room after finishing "tight interior design"

Ancient bungalows

From display and dressing tables:

Nice living room is also a makeup room, sales display. The Sales Cabinets area has a completely different nature from the Family Living Room Furniture, but with this design, it has become a neat, neat design.

Interior design of tight houses

Decorate the living room more nicely than before "interior design of old town houses":

Interior design of tight houses

The works renovate townhouses She is also not popular online for reference, but fortunately, Moivaonhatoi has some other houses for you to visit, which are: The living room's interior has a loft on the old town - Hang Dao ...

See more interior design of townhouse in Scandian style through article: Interior design and construction of townhouses

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